Anybody can go online and find the Sleep Apnea VA Disability Rating crite
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  1. Dan Sanders

    I served during the Persian Gulf war, took the Pyrostigmine Bromide tablets and the Anthrax vaccine, I retired in 1997, by 2003 i was diagnosed with Diabetes and in 2009 severe sleep apnea. Is there a correlation to the PB tablets and Anthrax vaccines?

    • Chris Attig


      That’s a good question – I will put in on my ‘research list’….in writing the VA Sleep Apnea book, I did not come across any literature that suggested a condition between Sleep Apnea and the PB or Anthrax tablets.

      But all that means is that nobody has published a study on this – you should talk to your doctor to see if there is a connection, there are tests that they may be able to perform.



    Hello. I’m a Disabled Vietnam Veteran. I was recently diagnosed with “Sleep Apnea”. I really enjoyed reading the information regarding the three steps to maximize your sleep apnea VA disability rating. I’ve submitted and filed several claims in the past 12 years. At the current time, I’m at the cross roads of either retiring next year or working until I’m 70. Mentally I feel like 20, but physically, my body is in bad shape due to illnesses suffered while in service and caused by exposures to asbestos and agent orange. If I could win my claim for sleep apnea, I might make it to 100%….if I live long enough. Anyways, all I need is a little helping hand. Sincerely, Jon

  3. darrell mccreary

    I was diagnosed with rhinitis while in the marine. I also developed asthma. Can theses be linked to my sleep apnea?

    • Chris Attig


      Specifically as it relates to you, I have no idea. That is a question that your doctor can answer.

      Generally, however, conditions like asthma and rhinitis tend to restrict the flow of air into the lungs, which is what Obstructive Sleep Apnea is all about…the obstruction of the flow of air into your lungs while you are sleeping.

      Talk to your doctor to see if the asthma and rhinitis conditions from the military are at least as likely as not related to your sleep apnea and, if so, get the Doctor to explain the medical reason in writing, and submit that to the VA as part of your claim.


  4. eric

    I find this very useful

  5. Dennis Borelli

    Let’s see…could my sleep apnea be related to the many nights trying to sleep while listening to bombs? or while working 12 hour shifts on alternating day-swing-midnight schedules for over 2 years? or due to the stress of trying to sleep in barracks situated directly on the flightline with bombers and fighter aircraft?

    • Chris Attig


      Absolutely. There are strong connections between sleep apnea (particularly Central Sleep Apnea) and mental health conditions such as PTSD, GAD or MDD.

      I haven’t seen much research connecting sleep schedule to sleep apnea…but your doctor should be the “final word” on that. If your doctor thinks that is the cause, it’s something he/she should be telling the VBA.


  6. John Everett

    I’d love to know more about how to Maximize my Sleep Apnea VA Disability Rating.


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