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By reading and subscribing to the Veterans Law Blog®, you are not a client of Chris Attig, the law firm of Attig |  Curran | Steel, PLLC, or any law firm or lawyer. The Veterans Law Blog® is not a law firm and we cannot and will never be your attorney(s).

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The Veterans Law Blog® is not meant to be legal advice in your VA Claim or Appeal. Any belief that a blog post, a book, ebook or video constitutes legal advice – or creates an attorney-client relationship – is an unreasonable and incorrect belief.

The Veterans Law Blog® is written to educate veterans, their survivors, and the public about the law and procedure of the VA Claims Process and the process of filing a VA Claim or Appeal.

No Blog Post, Video, Book or eBook, or Training Materials can substitute for the legal advice of an accredited veterans benefits Attorney.

The Veterans Law Blog® does not engage in the representation of veterans or claimants before the VA for benefits.

The Veterans Law Blog® does inform and educate Veterans, Veterans Survivors, Veterans’ Family members, Veterans Service Officers, Veterans Advocates (including Agents, Attorneys, Paralegals) and others with an interest in serving or understanding the plight of the American Veteran at the hands of the VA.

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Beyond solidarity and general solicitude with all American Veterans and their dependents battling the VA for delivery of benefits, and beyond a general desire to see every Veteran and Survivor prevail in every claim against the VA, the Veterans Law Blog® is a disinterested party, and does not stand to benefit financially from the successful outcome of any individual claim(s) or appeal(s) for any claimant(s).

Payments to the Veterans Law Blog® for information and education products are made in advance of the delivery of those products, and are never contingent on the successful outcome of any claim(s) or appeal(s) for any claimant(s).