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These Veterans Sleep Apnea Appeals Stats Blew Me Away!

According to Lexis’ legal research site, the BVA issued 1,845 decisions in Veterans Sleep Apnea Appeals between April 30, 2013 and April 30, 2014.

24% of those Veterans Sleep Apnea appeals were Granted.

76% were Denied or Remanded for more evidence.

That means that 3 out of every 4 Veterans are spending years in the VA Hamster Wheel trying to prove their Sleep Apnea service connection claims and appeals!

Veterans NEED Information and Education to Improve their VA Sleep Apnea Appeals.

In 2014, I published the Veterans Sleep Apnea Field Manual.

I reviewed every case I handled in the last 7 years that involved a Sleep Apnea Claim

I reviewed thousands of BVA and Veterans Court Decisions and Veterans Sleep Apnea Appeals.

I talked to medical doctors and sleep specialists about the causes, symptoms and types of Sleep Apnea.

I talked to Veterans and asked what help they needed in their VA Sleep Apnea Appeals.

Here is the Guidebook That I wrote after all that Research:

The VA Sleep Apnea Field Manual.

What will you learn in this Veterans Law Field Manual?

This Veterans Law Field Manual is a 234 page eBook – loaded with information designed to teach you how to better understand how the VA and the BVA view Sleep Apnea service connection claims.

You will receive:  a 234 page eBook to download onto your desktop (PC or Mac) or tablet/mobile device.

You will learn:

* What Sleep Apnea is, and why so many Veterans are being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea

* The 3 different types of Sleep Apnea – and what conditions and situations cause it

* How to Prove Sleep Apnea Claims using my “4 Pillars Method”

* What Lay and Medical Evidence to get in a VA Sleep Apnea Claim or Appeal

* Common Veteran Errors in Veterans VA Sleep Apnea Appeals and Claims

* How to Put it All Together – the 5 Most Common Sleep Apnea Service-Connection Scenarios.

* Much, much more!


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