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Some “cues” from the Veterans Court on VA Cue Claims.

Some “cues” from the Veterans Court on VA Cue Claims.

Close your eyes and think back to the days before cell phones of any kind. Before cordless phones. Remember what your daily life was like without a phone in your pocket?

How did you go grocery shopping without being able to text your spouse whether they wanted Size 4 or Size 5 diapers for the baby?

How did you call your kids one last time from the airport before you jumped on that plane to go TDY to Germany for 90 days?

How did you get answers to your questions without being able to hop on a computer on your smart phone and google the answer?

It’s REALLY hard to remember that, isn’t it? You can probably remember there was such a time, but most of us cannot remember living the mundane pieces of our daily life that far back. Now….hold that feeling….it has everything to do with CUE Claims…