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Date of Show:

Friday, November 18, 2016

Host: Chris Attig, Accredited VA Claims Attorney

Note: Depending when you are seeing this post, some of the offers and opportunities in this list may have expired.

1. Topics Covered

*   Will We Have a New VA Secretary

*  General Overview of the VA Claims & Appeals Process

* Reopened Claims verse Claims for Increase – What is the Difference?

* Appeals Management Center – Fixing Errors in Effective Date assignments

*Challenging the Effective Date when you disagree with it

* TDIU Denials because of missing forms.

* MUCH, MUCH More!!


Action Items to Support Veteran John Wells as the new VA Secretary:

#1 – Read about John Well’s plan for fixing the VA by clicking here.

#2 – Follow – and like – his Facebook Page to stay up to date on this initiative (and more) by clicking here.

#3 – Send a message of support for John Wells as the new Secretary of the VA to the Trump Transition team by clicking here.


3. Here are Blog Posts, Books, Links, Coupon Codes, and Contacts/Connections mentioned in this video.


VA Claims Process Field Manual 

TDIU Field Manual

TDIU Ebook Package



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election” without the quotes

Basic Ebook Package

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  1. Rick Cornelius

    Question: in the video we were told the form number for a “claim for increase in compensation” would be given in Show Notes. The form number is not there. What form should we submit with a claim for an increase of compensation for an accepted service connected condition?

    Great information Chris. 42 minutes into the video I found myself taking notes and performing Google searches.

  2. Rick

    Great lecture infor Chris. 45 min. into the presentation I found myself taking notes and searching on Google. Glad to be a premium member.

    • Chris Attig

      Thanks for the feedback, and I’m glad you are getting value out of that premium membership….

      ….let me know if you have thoughts on how to make the Veterans Law Blog BETTER!

      – CA


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