Learn how to hire the right attorney for you and your claim here.So you’re getting ready to fi
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  1. Alex Graham

    Shoot. I just filed one yesterday to remind them to give my client SMC(o)(R1) because with my new filing of A&A, it would qualify him for it. You know how they sometimes can’t get their SMC Calculator to work right?

    Thanks for the heads up brother. Will promptly file an EZ to correct my error. Or should I use the new 20-0995? This is all getting so confusing…


    Nice to know this. My lawyer submitted a supplemental claim on 11/21/2019 as a FDC. On 2/7/2019 I called VA to see where my claim was and was told that we had used 21-526b and needed to fill out a 21-526ez instead. So it sat for 10 weeks and then they told us to file a new form. How long would it have sat there if I had not called.

    I appreciate the information in your bolgs and timely information.

    Dale Roland

  3. Amy Lindberg MPA, MS, RD CAPT, MSC, USN (Ret.)

    Great information. Much appreciated!

  4. Floyd Goodall

    Why do we have to fight so hard for something that we have already fought for

  5. Albert Hayes

    This site is the most helpful tool I have encountered after waiting 40 years to get 30% I have a CUE motion filed hopefully I will get relief.


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