If I have heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times….a Vet tells me that they have a
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  1. RD

    what’s your fee price and what help do you give that is successful.rd-30-

  2. Oswaldo

    Also, one should wait to lock in a percentage rating. If you haven’t had a rating and been paid for that rating and file an NOD your next rating by the RO may be lower with the effective date being adjusted and you may lose the money they owe you

    • Chris Attig

      Oswaldo – I’m a firm believer that the condition “is what it is” at any given time. So when we file our NODs, we “prove up” the level of impairment that exists at the time of the NOD…later, when they try to reduce it below that level – or assign what is called a “staged rating” (i.e., guessing what the rating used to be in the past) we have a built in argument that they erred.

      Thanks for sharing your input – you’ve been around the block a time or two with the VA, I can tell!


  3. ronald byrd

    I am in the process of writting a NOD on my denial claim. Do you have sample copy of a NOD that I can use for my case on sleep apnea, respiratory, muscle and joint pains. Any help will be appreated. Thanks in advance.

    • Chris Attig

      We’re actually not linking up those sample NODs right now…the VA is changing the NOD form (we believe) and we don’t want bad info circulating out there.




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