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How to File a VA Claim

The How to File a VA Claim Training Package is out – available for purchase today.

If you are ready to buy your copy…simply visit this page.

If you want to learn more before you purchase…visit this page.

Check out my Interview with Business Blogger Scot Duke where I talk about WHY we released this Training Package:


About the Training Package:  How to File a VA Claim.

This is so much more than just a book.

This training package  includes a 54 minute video and workbook (in digital format) that you can download to your computer and return to as much as you want.

The workbook includes worksheets, checklists, cheat-sheets and a book that will  help you make heads or tails of the VA Claims  system.

I’m also throwing 4 Veterans Law eBooks into the package – books that would normally cost $31.85 – for free.

Veterans filing an initial or original VA Service Connection claim will want these materials to help them understand how to best prepare a VA Claim.

Some Veterans may want this material so they can “keep tabs” on their VSO.

Heck, I know some attorneys that could use this information to see how to better help their clients in the appeal process, too.


Some of the Features and Benefits of the “How to File a VA Claim” Training Package.

I’ve been representing Veterans before the VA  since 2007.

In those 7 years, I’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands, of Veterans to better navigate the VA Claims Process.

Now, my work has mostly been in the appeals process….

…’s very rare that it is a good idea to hire an attorney to help you file a VA Claim (although there is no longer a law that prevents this).

So…I am going to take all of the lessons I’ve learned over the past 7 years, and I’m going to pack them into this Training Package.

You will learn my 10 step approach to preparing for and filing your original VA Service Connection Claim:

1. How to properly plan – and “map out” – your VA Claim
2. When and where to File your VA Claim
3. Where to find the evidence you need to prove service connection: service records, medical evidence, and lay evidence
4. How to prepare for a C&P Exam – and when and how to get an Independent Medical Expert if your claim needs one.
5. How to present your claim in a way that makes the VA want to decide it
6. Forms and Templates you can use to organize and structure your original claim
7. The “secrets” that VSO and the VA don’t want you to know about filing your VA Claim.
8. Much More
Most important – I am going to teach you how to avoid the common mistakes I have seen Veterans make over the years – in the hopes that many of you can get out of the VA Hamster Wheel much faster and get on with living your life and reintegrating to life after the military.

This is the MOST Information I Have Released in a Single Training Package.


Make no mistake – this is  the MOST extensive training package I’ve ever put together….it will have:

* a 54 Minute Instruction Video

* A Workbook with over a dozen forms, templates, checklists, guides and….my unique VA Claims Map (a tool to help you put the claim together in a logical easy-to-understand fashion)

* Access to a Closed  Facebook group where you can ask me – and other Veterans – questions about what you learn in the Video.

* Follow-on Webinars where you have the chance to ask me questions about what you learn or read in the Training Package.

* Much more.

It has cost a lot to put this package together for you….and I am really happy to have done it…..

If you are ready to buy your copy…simply visit this page.

If you want to learn more before you purchase…visit this page.