How to File A VA Claim Training Program


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The VA Makes it Too Hard to file a Claim.

Which forms do you file?

What do you put on those forms?

What evidence should you include?

Where do you send them?

Is there a way to file a VA claim so I don’t have to mess around with years of paperwork?

I teach ALL of that – and more – in this Video Training Course.


Since 2007, I've been showing Veterans how to Cut through the FOG of the VA Claims Process.

I'm an Army Veteran myself, and an accredited VA Attorney.  Believe me, the VA put me through the ringer.

But in doing so, I learned what does and does not work when filing a claim.  I've learned what evidence the VA needs to see, and what they do NOT need to see.

I've learned that even though the VA has a Duty to Assist, the BEST assistance any Veteran can get in a VA Claim is....themselves.

So, since 2007, I've been teaching Veterans (and VSOs and attorneys) how the VA Claims Process REALLY works.

I've reverse engineered their system, and have pulled out the information you need to file a BETTER VA Claim - and to do it the right way, the first time.

I've published more than a dozen Veterans Law Field Manuals - written for Veterans, not lawyers.

I've worked with and represented hundreds of Veterans in their VA Claims.

Now I'm going to teach YOU everything I've learned about How to File a VA Claim.


Navy Veteran Jason Roberts said this about the "How to File" Training Package:

picture for VLB_1_21_16All I did was follow the steps that you provided and presented a professionally researched and documented package to the VA, just like you recommended.

On January 07, 2016,  I was awarded 100% for prostate cancer plus SMC- K with a payout of $3172.13 per month.

My claim was back dated to  July 2008, and the VA is paying me over $200,000 in past-due benefits.

 Click here to read more about Jason's success story.





Learn How to Really File A VA Claim....



This Training Package includes:

* 54 Minute Video giving Step-by-Step Training

* 57 Page Workbook with over a dozen forms, templates, worksheets, & checklists

* My ONE-OF-A-KIND VA Claims Map

As an Added Bonus....I'm throwing in 4 Veterans Law eBooks that I reference in the training videos ... for FREE! (A $39.85 Value)

You get these eBooks FREE with the purchase of "How to File a VA Claim":

* 5 Reasons the VA Keeps Screwing Up Your Claim

* 5 Paths to Service Connection

* Climbing the VA Claims Process

* 8 Thing Every Veteran Should Know Before Hiring an Attorney


What Veterans Are Saying About How to File a VA Claim:

Veteran Jason R. said:

“When I first started this journey everyone I talked to told me how impossible it is to get 100% for prostate cancer as a result of Urinary tract infections/prostatitis. Your eBooks and the Veterans Law Blog were the deciding factor to take on the challenge.

All I did was follow the steps that you provided and presented a professionally researched and documented package to the VA, just like you recommended.

On January 07, 2016,  I was awarded 100% for prostate cancer plus SMC- K with a payout of $3172.13 per month.

My claim was back dated to  July 2008, and the VA is paying me over $200,000 in past-due benefits.

It wasn’t easy, but it was worth the effort.

If I can do it, anyone can do it. All anyone needs to do is follow the Veterans Law Blog formula:

We have the power when we have the knowledge!”


Veteran Michael P. said:

“Some like lawyers who show vets how to do it themselves. I can't say enough good things about your how to file a VA claim package.

The leg work took months of compiling evidence, but from submittal to approval was 92 days including weekends and holidays."

Veteran Samantha G. sent me this review:


First and foremost I want to “Thank You” so much for your generous support in helping novice Veterans like myself get a plain and simple layman’s terms of understanding of the convoluted VA Claims Process.

It’s like you were summoning up the valid feelings of anger and frustration that all Veterans have felt in compiling VA Claims.

But through that frustration, I’m glad that you provided Veterans a more productive way in our dealings with the VA. You said that “you can either argue WITH the VA or you can choose to argue TO the VA”. At that precise moment, it was like the light finally clicked on for me. Yes the VA in the past has tapped danced on my very last nerve getting my blood pressure up in the process. But no more. I vowed to be more vigorous in compiling my VA Claims information.

It took me a day to read through “How to File a VA Claim” the first day that I purchased it.

My thought was that this would just be another one of those Veterans self help claims books that I would closely mirror the current VA Benefits Handbook which is put out by the VA.

However , now that I’ve finished reading it for a second time, I’m totally in awe in what I have learned. First off — Here you have a Veteran who I can relate to me who has personally been through the trials and tribulations of dealing with the VA.

Chris — I have no doubt that you’re a hard worker.

But the impressive information you have compiled here (and your other publications) certainly prove the old adage that “you are working smarter instead of harder in terms of dealing with the VA”.

Talk about a lot of ‘aha’ moments.

I had a lot as I studied this training program!

 Inasmuch as the VA can be quite brutal and confusing, you also called out a lot of us Veterans on the carpet as well. Sometimes on our part it’s due to not knowing or unfamiliarity with the VA process. I too have heard some Veterans get all worked over with the VA, but they continue the insanity by continuing to repeat the same mistakes over and over again in hopes that they would get a different result.

I’ve known Veterans who don’t know everything that’s in their own service medical records and they have the nerve to want to treat those very records like a FedEx package by dropping it off on their VSO desks for VSO to whip up some magic on. Thanks for having the courage to call us Veterans out on our stuff that can be detrimental to our VA Claims.

I am currently reviewing my current VA Claims using not only the “How to File a VA Claim” publication but the others that I have purchased as a reference guide to get me back on track. Your candor and experience is very much appreciated and because of it I will now keep “the main thing the main thing”.

I also will pay it forward helping the next Veteran with the newfound knowledge I just obtain.

With warmest appreciation,

Samantha G.

How to File a VA Claim
Find the Roadmap to YOUR VA Claim. This 1 hour training video, workbook, and 4 Veterans Law eBooks will show you a clear path to less time in the VA Hamster Wheel.
Written by: Chris Attig
Published by: Veterans Law Blog
Date published: 01/28/2015
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 978-0-9916594-6-3
Available in Ebook


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