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The Holmes case and VA Ratings for Migraines. In the Holmes decision, the Veterans Court built up
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  1. Gregory Warren

    I have suffered from extreme migraines since my return from my Vietnam combat tour. From 1968 to 1996 I sought out treatment from several physicians, but it was not until 1993 when self-injected doses of Imitrex proved to be a true migraine solution for me. I have been under the care of a V.A.M.C. since1998, and the Neurology Dept. provided Imitrex to me, until such time that my age precluded the use of Imitrex and I became a candidate for the 25 shots of Botox every three months for the past 7 years. In filing a claim for service-connection migraine attacks, will I have to start at 10%, or based on 21 years of treatment at my V.A.M.C., can I seek out a 50% rating?I am currently rated 100% s/c disabled by the B.V.A. but have been lax in filing for so many other conditions that I am afflicted but never understood claims until I started to read the Veterans Law Blog.

  2. Hortense

    Hi. I am a black female veteran that was seen by a VA neurologist for my migraines. I have to say WAS, because I was in so much pain, but he stated to me that he wanted to use a drug free approach because he didn’t believe in prescribing a lot of medication. He saw me a few times and I told him I am also seeing a private neurologist, he then stated that he Can no longer see me, because I’m seeing another doctor. I had no other choice but to go to a local neurologist who understands my pain this doctor has been trying to help me have a livable life. I have to work full time…I have a family to take care of. I have to admit at times, don’t feel like I am really being heard with my current private physician, BUT I am being treated for the debilitating pain I am having.


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