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Black Woman In Me

As we approach Black History Month and Women’s History Month, I am presented with an opportunity to write about a Black woman.  So, I chose me!

I am an Afro-Latina who also identifies as Black. On my census bureau application last year, I checked off Black, Hispanic or Latino, and female. These categories have changed over the years and so has my understanding of the diversity within these categories.

Every Black woman is unique and diverse in culture, in language, and in experience. One group is not representative of all groups. We do share a common struggle against racism.  Some overcome it daily, some are impacted forever by it, some ignore it and push on, some condemn and fight it, and some do all of the above.

Usually, most diversity programs and organizations will feature successful Black women in various fields.  She may be an expert, ground breaker, or leader.  Their stories of strength, resilience, and success are living testimonies of Black talent, potential, and power.  Successful Black women raise the bar.  They are triumphantly paving the way, against the current and against all odds. They are inspirational role models for young girls everywhere.

Recognition and applause are rightly deserved.

This year I want to celebrate Black women as they are, wherever they may be in their life journey.


The Black Woman in Me

I don’t have a fancy degree nor an LLC, Holdings Group, or employees

I don’t have a following, a product I sell, stories I’ve sold, or art to behold

Although it’d be nice, I don’t need these to Be

I am enough, the Black woman in me

I am Black because I had an encounter with racism

Nepotism, egotism, and a growing sense of cynicism

I was convinced to engage in the race to the top

To compensate for my color, required excelling nonstop

At the end of the day, when I put my pant suit or insignia away

I am a Black woman, enough, equal, valued the same

The Black woman in me is free to just Be

Not pressured to prove myself to supremacy

You, Black woman are perfect enough

Admired, resilient, beauty and tough

We don’t need to achieve to be equal like she

We achieve because we are Black Women you see.

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