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How to Service Connect your Military Disability (5+ Hour VIDEO)


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Are you struggling to prove that your disability is related to military service?


This 5 Hour training video may really help you.


Topic: How to Prove the 4 Pillars of a VA Service Connection Claim

Length (5+ hours)

This is THE most thorough discussion of the 4  Pillars of a VA claim by an accredited VA attorney – anywhere, anytime.  For over 5 hours, I will walk you through the legal principles and how to prove eligibility, service connection, impairment ratings, and effective dates.


Buildings that have stood for thousands of years share one thing in common – they rest on a sturdy foundation.

Your VA Claim is no different:  if you are going to take back the power in your VA claim and get out of the VA Hamster Wheel faster (or avoid it altogether), you will want to build your claim on a STRONG foundation.

Even if you lose your claim, if it rests on a strong foundation, your chances of prevailing on an appeal increase significantly.

So how do you build a strong foundation in a VA Service Connection Claim?  By building the 4 Pillars of your VA Claim.

There are four (4) key things that need to be proved in just about any VA Service Connection Claim – what I call the Four Pillars:

Pillar #1: Eligibility

Pillar #2: Service Connection

Pillar #3: Impairment Rating

Pillar #4: Effective Date

If you can provide 5 Star evidence of these 4 pillars, then you might just find that your VA claim goes a lot smoother … or you appeal becomes much more clear to the BVA judge who will decide it.

This Webinar will teach you the 4 Pillars of the VA claim, and give you useful and practical tools for proving them to the VA.

Frequently Asked Questions:

#1 What will you teach in this webinar?

In this 3 hour webinar, I plan to teach the following:

  • What Veterans need to be eligible for VA Service Connection Benefits
  • The difference between various types of Military service and how they affect eligibility
  • Where to go or what you can do if the VA says  you are not eligible for VA Service Connection benefits
  • How Drug and Alcohol Use affect Eligibility
  • The 3 steps to building the BRIDGE of Service Connection
  • What is … and what is NOT … a disability for VA Claims purposes
  • The 5 ways to Prove Nexus (Direct, Secondary, Aggravating, Presumptive and Medical Injury)
  • Presumption of Soundness
  • Presumption of Aggravation
  • Basic Impairment Rating Principles
  • How to Prove Up the RIGHT Impairment Rating for your condition
  • How to Use VA Table 4 (Schedule of Impairment Ratings)
  • Major Effective Date Rules
  • Practical Tips for what to submit to the VA to prove your Impairment Rating
  • Different Types of Ratings: Pyramid, Analogous, Staged, Minimum and Residual Ratings
  • Various Rules of Rating: Bilateral Factor, Amputation Rule, Aggravation Ratings, Medication Rules
  • 4 Ways to Maximize your Rating
  • BASIC Introduction to the Concepts of Special Monthly Compensation and TDIU
  • Much More.

#2. How long is the Video Training?

The training is 19 Lessons and lasts 5 hours!!  Here’s the lesson list:

  • Lesson1: (2:30 minutes): Disclaimer
  • Lesson 2 (15 minutes): Introduction and Overview (15 minutes)
  • Lesson 3 (19 minutes): Pillar 1 – Basic Eligibility
  • Lesson 4 (18 minutes): Pillar 1 – Special Eligibility Issues [Line of Duty, Drugs & Alcohol, Bridge Claims)
  • Lesson 5 (20 minutes): Pillar 1 – Presumptions (Soundness and Aggravation)
  • Lesson 6 (14 minutes): Pillar 2 – Service Connection Diagnosis of your Condition
  • Lesson 7 (27 minutes): Pillar 2 – 3 Ways to Prove the Diagnosis
  • Lesson 8 (13 minutes): Pillar 2 – Overview of the In-service Event Element
  • Lesson 9 (17 minutes): Pillar 2 – Proving the In-service Event
  • Lesson 10 (16 minutes): Pillar 2 – Nexus and Direct Service Connection
  • Lesson 11 (12 minutes): Pillar 2 – Nexus and Secondary Service Connection
  • Lesson 12 (12 minutes): Pillar 3 – Overview to Impairment Ratings
  • Lesson 13 (37 minutes): Pillar 3 – Understanding and Using the Impairment Rating Tables
  • Lesson 14 (14 minutes): Pillar 3 – My Proven Approach to Proving Ratings
  • Lesson 15  (7 minutes): Pillar 3 – Impairment Rating Tips and Pointers
  • Lesson 16 (26 minutes): Pillar 3 – Key Rating Principles
    • Combined Ratings
    • Rule Against Pyramiding
    • Analogous Ratings
    • Minimum Ratings Rules
    • Bilateral Factor
    • Amputation Rule
    • Medication Rule
    • Staged Ratings
  • Lesson 17 (6 minutes): Pillar 3 – 4 Ways to Maximize your Ratings
  • Lesson 18 (24 minutes): Pillar 4 – Effective Date Rules
  • Lesson 19 (11 minutes): Special Considerations:  Special Monthly Compensation & Dependent compensation

#3. Are there any additional materials besides the Video?

Yes!  Here is a list of the Attachments you Will Get

  • The “Character of Discharge” Eligibility Determination Chart *
  • Impairment Rating Symptom Development Worksheet *
  •  Extra-schedular Ratings Worksheet *
  • The Combined Ratings Table Worksheet
  • Horn v. Shinseki, 25 Vet. App 231 (2010)
  • Allen v. Principi, 237 F.3d 1368 (Fed. Circ 2001)
  • Esteban v. Brown, 6 Vet. App. 259 (1994)

* These worksheets are not found anywhere else – they were created specifically for users of the Veterans Law Blog. 

#4.  Is there anything I should do to prepare for this Video Training?

There is nothing specific you MUST do.  It is always good to have your C-File handy, and to complete the C-File Review Worksheet.

#5. Will I be able to ask questions while taking the Course?

You can always submit questions using the Green button in the Lower right corner of the screen.

#6. How do I access the Videos?

Once you purchase the Video Training Course, login to your account, and click on “My Courses” from your account dashboard. You will see the training module, broken in 19 lessons plus additional “lessons” with the attached files.


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