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Friday, October 21, 2016

Host: Chris Attig, Accredited VA Claims Attorney

Note: Depending when you are seeing this post, some of the offers and opportunities in this list may have expired.

1. Topics Covered

*   What to do if your VSO rep tries to scare you out of appealing

*  Can the VA Reduce your Disability benefits?

* Whether filing a claim delays a current appeal (and vice versa)

* What to do if you disagree with the VA’s choice of Effective Date

* Writs of Mandamus

* MUCH, MUCH More!!



Contact Info to file complaints about your VFW Representative – particularly if a VFW Representatives tells you  not to appeal out of fear the VA will reduce your existing ratings.

Carl J. Kaelin,
VFW National Chief of Staff


3. Here are Blog Posts, Books, Links, Coupon Codes, and Contacts/Connections mentioned in this video.





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  1. G. Wolford

    This is good stuff, thanks. Also nice to put a face with the email text material I’ve been reading.


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