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If you meet certain basic eligibility criteria, you could get service-connected for “Gulf War Syndrome”…

….problem is, too many Veterans don’t know HOW to prove that they have the Chronic Multi-Symptom Illness known to us Veterans as Gulf War Syndrome.

In this video, I’ll explain and tell you how to get more information!

Here’s some more information about GWS and CMSI claims, here.


  1. Chuck Tyler

    Omg, thank you.

    I’m a Persian Gulf War veteran, 1990-1991.

    VA threw 30% IBS at me, denied everything else. I wasn’t in a position in 2011 (when I was finally rated) to appeal.

    I look forward to moving ahead with the valuable information you provide, thank you again.

    • Chris Attig


      So glad the information helped!! Let me know how things go this time around – or if there is additional information I can teach on the blog that might help you navigate the appeal process!



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