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Start Learning to Build your Claim Stronger with this Field Manual Package:

For years, Veterans have battled the VA through numerous claims and appeals….

…they go around and around on the VA Hamster Wheel, but never seem to be able to get off.

Claim. Denial. Appeal.



Denial. Appeal.



The cycle seems endless, right?

This eBook Package will teach you how to GET OFF the VA Hamster Wheel.

There are Things You Can Do to STOP the Hamster Wheel.

Here are a few things you can do to get off the VA Hamster Wheel:

1) Speak the VA’s language.

When it comes to the 5 Paths to Service Connection, or the stages of the VA Claims Process, using the VA’s language establishes you as someone that “knows what you’re talking” about.

Rather than convince the VA Rater that you are just another Vet that “doesn’t get it”, your ability to use the right words and jargon will open doors in your VA Claim or Appeal.

2) See Your VA Claim the Way the VA sees it.

Veterans are limited in their ability to “see” their claim – until they get the most important document in their VA Claim…

…the VA C-File.

Use my C-File eBook to get a copy of your  C-File – and start to understand why the VA has been denying your claim for so many years.

3) USE the Law Instead of Arguing It.

When it comes to “the law”, the tendency is to use it as PROOF that you have rights.  Or that the VA has duties and responsibilities.

But there is a BETTER Way.

The Court’s case law – for the savvy Veteran – is really a HOW TO manual to improve your VA Claim.

And there are 10 Cases that provide important “How To’s” that I think every Veteran can benefit from.

The GuideBooks in this Package Will Help You Get OFF the VA Hamster Wheel 

#1: 5 Paths to Service Connection:

VA Service Connection Field ManualMany Veterans don’t know all 5 Paths – and fewer know how to assert more than one legal theory of Service Connection in their VA Claim.

This Veterans Law Guide explains all 5 Paths to Service Connection, so that you can better understand which might apply to your claim.

#2 Climbing the VA Claims Process:

VA Claims Process field manualBegin to understand that the VA Claims Process is a ladder – not a Hamster Wheel.

This Veterans Law Guide will lay the Foundation for Step #6 of the 8 Steps to Improve Your VA Claim (Choosing Your Battlefield)

10 Veterans Court Cases Every Veteran Could Know#3: 10 Veterans Court Cases Every Veteran Should Know.

Veterans Court Cases are more than just boring statements of law and legalese: they teach us how to prove and win our claims.

This Veterans Law Guidebook teaches the 10 Cases that Every Veteran Should Know.

va claims process

#4: 5 Reasons that the VA Keeps Screwing Up Your Claim

In the 7 years, I’ve looked at HUNDREDS — if not THOUSANDS — of C-Files in cases that the VA has denied a Veterans benefits. There are patterns showing why the VA Keeps screwing up your VA Claims! Here are 5 ways to break those patterns the VA isn’t going to share!

How to Choose VA Claims Attorney#5: 8 Things That Veterans Should Know Before Hiring an Attorney

I see it all the time – a Veteran gets in over their head in their VA Benefits claim, and then scrambles to find an attorney.

Often, they make a choice that may not be ideal for their claim. I teach Veterans 8 Things they should know before hiring an attorney in a VA Benefits Claims.  Included is a 30-question checklist to use when  interviewing attorneys.

How to Get and Use your VA C-file#6: How to Get & Use Your VA C-file! (3 hr Streaming Video, with 14 downloads!)

This 3 hour video, broken into 10 easy-to-follow lessons, teaches you what your c-file is, where the VA keeps it, why you need to get a copy, how to get it, how to organize it, and how to USE the C-file to Take Back the Power in your VA Claim, including:

* INCLUDES My never-before-released C-File Review Template form and instructions (just like the one I use on every C-File at my law firm)



What Other Veterans Are Saying about this Package:

Virgil E, a Vietnam Veteran, says:

“If you are new to the VA process and do not understand how it works (or doesn’t), this is a good investment to help get your “Boots on the Ground”. I have spent a lot of time over the last 3 years researching the VBA Decision site – this would have saved me some time.”

Ron Nesler ( says:

“I am a Vietnam war combat vet. This Guidebook shows veterans how to cut through the stalling and lies from the VA and force them to tell you the truth.  As a disgruntled combat vet, I give this FIVE STARS and a thank you to the author.

If the book contained nothing more than a … template … to get your VA records, it would be worth much, much more than it sells for.

Veteran George D. says:  

“[Y]our Ebooks would be my 1st step, if I had to do [my claim] all over again….Ask me now what I think your Ebooks and Documents are worth…..saved me a year or 2 on BVA appeal and at least $15K in legal fees.”

Veteran Bryant T. posted this on Facebook:

va c file

Veteran Fred E., says:

Your book(s) were of immeasurable value to me.

I sent the FOIA demand letter for my entire c-file and had it within about 10 days. The info in there has allowed me to get my claims back on track for the first time ever as the info in the file that was needed to support my claims was actually in the cfile all along and the va has been dragging it’s ass denying everything for over 3 1/2 years.

Anyway, for the first time in almost 4 years since I filed my claims, things are happening again and I highly doubt it is a coincidence that they get moving the same time as I send the demand letter.

Feel free to use me as a reference etc. as I am more than satisfied.


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