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If you’re clicked on this based on the headline, you already know what VA TDIU is. For those
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  1. robertallenthomas

    I am life member VFW DAV legion Vietnam Vets they don’t do jack crap

    • Just Another Combat Wounded Veteran

      They appear to “work closely” with the VA. See:,and type VSO into the search box and see what pops up.

      Personally, I won’t use a VSO. I don’t trust them.

  2. Dave

    Veterans don’t need this guidebook or a lawyer. In fact, a simple paragraph and a copy of military documents and medical records is all you need.

    Gather the appropriate documentation and attach to your claim. Write a statement that is short, sweet, and to the point.

    Getting a lawyer is a sure fire way to ensure your claim takes 10 years to process, instead of 8 or 9 months. Call the DAV or VFW if you need free help. This is what they do. You doing it yourself is the best way to go. Just do your homework

    • Chris Attig

      Dave, Thanks for posting.

      If the DAV and VFW are doing such great jobs, Dave, then why are there over 900,000 claims and appeals in the backlog? If a simple paragraph and copy of military docs was all you needed, why does it take 5-8 years for the VA to issue decisions? The short answer is that the VA Claims Process works great for a lucky handful – but for over 80% of Vets, it’s a “Charlie Foxtrot”.

      And if the VFW and DAV are doing such great things, why are Veterans routinely complaining that the DAV and VFW sell them out, don’t prove up their claims, or never tell them what is going on?

      Why are they always getting muscled around by the VA? Because Veterans realize that both organizations are increasingly ineffective.

      This is what his happening at the DAV – dues money goes to their ‘fat cat’ salaries, not actually getting Vets out of the Hamster Wheel. Click here to read about the DAV

      And here is what a VFW rep might do to your appeal: Click here to read about how the VFW sells Vets out.

      That said, I totally agree with you – Veterans SHOULD be able to do it themselves. That’s why I write the Veterans Law Blog…not just to teach Vets how to do it, but to give a place where a Veteran can “do their homework”.


    • LCV

      Not true. I have a lawyer and as soon as I did they moved with a purpose! DONT discourage vets from doing what is best for themselves.

    • Just Another Combat Wounded Veteran

      Do you have facts to back that up?

      Tell that to the thousands of Veterans who have done exactly what you said and been turned down.

      Which VSO do you work for?


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