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Recently, I talked to a Veteran whose case we have agreed to take on.

It’s going to be a hard one, and as I lined out the rough timeline in his case, the Veteran (who I will call Terry) stopped me mid-sentence.

Here’s what he said:

What Keeps My Client Awake at Night.

Chris, I asked you to represent me because I have heard about your work, I know what you can do,  and I trust that you will do what is best for my case.  

I am also old enough to  know that nothing good in life comes easy or quick, so I know my appeal may take a couple years, and I want you to know that’s fine with me.

But here’s what I want you to know:  my condition could kill me any day.

 That’s the simple fact of it.  And I’ll leave behind a wife and kids, who know little about how to fight the VA.  

What keeps me up at night is that if I die tomorrow, I want to know that someone is going to help my wife and kids get the payments from the VA that I have been fighting for years to receive.

I really like working with clients like this – I can get a lot done when someone is blunt enough to tell me the outcome that they want, and then let me do what needs to be done.

I told him about the Attig Law Firm’s approach – and my grandmother’s experience getting screwed by the VA (she was the surviving spouse of a WWII Combat Vet)…watch her story in this  video on my law firm’s website:

I told “Terry” that when my law firm agrees to  represent a Veteran that has a surviving spouse, and the Veteran passes away during the claim, we will do 2 things, after allowing for a reasonable grieving period:

1) We will help the Survivor  file the DIC claim, and file any necessary appeals.

2) We will substitute the survivor into the pending claims/appeals, and continue the fight for accrued benefits until the last court tell us “No.”

I’ve made deathbed promises to 3 Veterans  that I would take care to see their surviving spouse get the benefits the Veteran should have received.  I’ve fulfilled 1 of them, and we’re on our way to the BVA with the other 2 as we speak.

I take those promises seriously, folks.

What Does This Have to Do With You?

I have written the Veterans Law Blog – posting daily for nearly 7 years.  I don’t do it for me.

I could stop blogging today, and my law firm would have plenty of potential clients just from word of mouth and recommendations from our past clients.

I blog to give YOU the information and power you need to get out of the VA Hamster Wheel.

I blog to tell you about my Veterans Law Training Videos and Field Manuals – which combine my research into Court and Board cases, experience representing Veterans for 7 years, interviews with doctors and Veterans, and packs it into volumes like “Put it to Rest! Your VA Sleep Apnea Claim”.

I blog because it empowers Veterans – and it works: I get emails every week lately, telling me how the Veterans Law Blog helped a Veteran win a part of their claim, or understand something that they didn’t get before, or that showed them a better way of doing things in their own VA Claim.

I plan most posts weeks – or months – in advance (although I leave room for posts like the one yesterday, about a VSOs actions to screw a Veteran that shocked me).

This week, I am working on my Blog publishing schedule  for next quarter, and I have a question for you…..

Tell me What you Want to Read More of on the Veterans Law Blog?

Would you help me know what information you want to read about by answering any 1 of these questions?

Answer the question in the comments, or answer them on Facebook, or if you prefer to be more private, answer them here.

1) What keeps YOU awake at night in your VA claim or appeal?

2) What do you need to learn to improve your VA Claim?

3) What kinds of posts on the Blog help you the most and why?

4) What do you wish you could read more about on the Veterans Law Blog?

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