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One thing…until I get some Customer Support folks hired….I’m the only one answering emails.  I will prioritize requests for help with products or books that you have purchased, or folks that are having problems accessing the site.

But for other information requests, I do try my best to answer each and every email….it just takes time.

200-250+ Veterans are emailing me each day, and it takes time to get responses out to everyone.

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  1. Elaine Casados

    I have purchased the Sleep Apnea package. I have set aside the day to begin my claim process and I cannot figure out how to access what I have already purchased. Getting frustrated! Please help me.

    • Chris Attig


      Check your email for instructions – you had a typo in your email.


  2. Guylee Washington


    I’m enjoying your blog post and all the information that yiu provide.

    I’m requesting the email address of the VA Secretary and Under Secretary. I have mistakenly deleted the information that you previously sent out.

    I’m have some issues with the VA failing to schedule my appointments. It appears that I have been blackballed for contact my congressman last year, for the exact same tactics .

    Thanks in advance, keep sending out the information.

    Guylee Washington


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