BVA Hearings are supposed to be non-adversarial. And for the most part, they are. Most BVA Judges a
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  1. Ron Fielder

    I went before the BVA on 9/14/2016 at 9 am, making me the the first Veteran of the day. The Judge was very nice to me and she brought up the fact that the VA did not issue a SOC dating back to 1979, the Judge replyed that the VA had dropped the ball. In December of 2015 The VA rated me 40% for the very same disability I filed for back in 1979, funny how that works.As of today I have not heard anything about my decision. The letter I recieved from the VA said the average is 270 days. Also tried to get copies of the transcript and the VA said my file was locked. I guess another way of getting out of paying me back pay to 1979 an yes I do have copies. Thank you.

    • Chris Attig

      Ron, Thanks for that info — the time waiting for a decision after a hearing can be long or short, depending on a ton of factors.

      The Board will assign your case to a judge for adjudication based on your docket date. To find out what docket dates are currently being decided by the judges, click on this link to the BVA site and look at the date right below the maroon/red “Helpful Information Bar”.

      Check out this post to see if you meet the qualifications for advancing your case on the docket for a decision.

      I’ve never heard of the “file being locked” on a transcript request….did the BVA tell you that or the VA Regional Office?



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