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If you are a veteran filing a TDIU claim or appeal, a Vocational Expert is a powerful ally who can help to explain to the VA, in their language, how and why you are unable to get and keep substantially gainful employment, and how an expert can help in your VA TDIU claim or appeal.

Patrick Clifford is just such an expert and he has appeared on the Veterans Law Blog® in the past.

From time to time, I am going to check in with Patrick to discuss what he is seeing in veteran’s applications for VA TDIU benefits.

In today’s interview, Patrick is going to tell us about the interplay between Social Security disability and VA TDIU claims.

He’ll share a couple things veterans might want to think about in applying for both benefits.

If you’d like to ask Pat for a consultation with Clifford Vocational Services, please fill out the form below the video.


  1. bill

    Chris has the very best TDIU book ever. I followed it word for word and won with SMC-S, I did not have to go to exams. Thank You so much

    • Chris Attig

      Bill – congratulations! I’m glad the VLB TDIU manual was helpful!

      And great job putting in all the hard work to get this done!



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