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Below is a table showing you the VA disability rates for 2020. But this information is so much more important than just showing you your monthly VA disability payment rate.

The end result of a VA claim is that the VA will pay you VA disability back pay going all the back to your original effective date for a given VA claim. Figuring out the correct effective date of your VA claim is what I call the 4th Pillar of VA claims. And while there is a general rule that helps you figure out the proper VA effective date, there are also many tactics that can help you get an earlier – in many case a much earlier – effective date.

Even after you win that effective date argument, though, the VA still plays games. Many times we find that they short-change, or improperly calculate, the VA Disability back pay rates that you are entitled to.

Which makes the last step in your VA claim or appeal – trying to figure out how much VA disability back pay you are owed – one of the most daunting tasks of all.

What makes this task harder is that every year (or almost every year) in December, the VA disability rates change to adjust for cost of living.

The VA publishes, on its website, the historical compensation rate tables going back to 1999. However, being the VA, they often change the location of these files, making it harder to verify that the VA paid you the proper amount of past-due VA disability back pay.

We are working on a tool to help with this, but for now, the Veterans Law Blog® will start adding spreadsheets showing the VA disability rates for each year, beginning with the VA disability rates for 2020.

You can verify these rates on the VA’s website – if you find any errors in the VA disability rate tables for 2020 or any other year, please let me know.

VA Disability Rates 2020

va disability rates 2020

I know this image is small and hard to read – we are working on a tool that will improve your ability to easily see and use this VA disability back pay information.

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