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Trying to understand VA Math? Here's the secret behind the VA Combined Ratings Table.
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  1. Carol Barrier

    hearing problem. 63 yrs old. in service constant hearing problems treated. Has lost hearing but VA will not consider condition or the Tinnitus. Reason is Old Age.
    what is considered Old for hearing loss?

    • Chris Attig

      Carol – there is no age component in the hearing loss rating tables. Are they saying that his decline in hearing is due to age? This is a very common reason for denial of hearing loss claims, but I’m here to tell you that you should appeal any such decision.

      Here’s why…the VBA has Veterans coming and going on hearing loss claims. When they are younger, they say that the only hearing loss is “high-frequency”, and therefore not related to military service or yielding a non-compensable rating. When Vets are older, they attribute the hearing loss to “age related decline”.

      You have to be prepared to show that the earlier “high-frequency hearing loss” is the cause of the later-in-life “low frequency hearing losses”…a good audiologist should be able to provide such an opinion after a VA C-File review and a study of hearing tests over time.



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