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In the 7 years that I’ve been representing Veterans and writing the Veterans Law Blog, I’ve looked through HUNDREDS — if not THOUSANDS — of C-Files in cases that the VA has denied a Veterans benefits.  I’ve studied what Veterans submit in their claims to the VA, and I’ve studied the VA’s response.

There are patterns showing why the VA Keeps screwing up your VA Claims!

There are PATTERNS showing why the VA keeps making mistakes over and over again.

There are PATTERNS showing why the VA is taking so long in VA Claims.

There are PATTERNS showing why Veterans and Survivors like you are constantly having to jump through hoops in the VA Claims Process Hamster Wheel.

Here are the secrets the VA isn’t going to tell you about speeding up VA Claims!

Here’s the first secret I’ll share with you:

You have the power to fix 5 of the biggest reasons the VA keeps screwing up your claim.

The VA wants you to sign up with a Veterans Service Organization, claiming that will help reduce the number of mistakes YOU are making when filing your VA Claims.

Read between the lines: The VA is blaming YOU for the backlog in VA Claims, but not telling you what to do to fix it.

Why do you think that is?   Could it be that the VA doesn’t want to fix the backlog?  Maybe.

VSOs get a lot of “perks” by having a cozy relationship with the VA.  90% of the Veterans I talk to don’t trust their VSO.  They think their VSOs aren’t working their cases.

 VSOs are pretty good at getting the law wrong, too.

Check out this North Texas VSO that is actually driving its Veterans off a cliff by telling them the wrong deadline for an appeal! Listen to their advice and you won’t have a claim at all – you’ll miss the deadline!

Learn the 5 BIG reasons the VA keeps screwing up your VA claims.

I’ll explain to you the 5 Big Reasons the VA Keeps Screwing Up Your VA Claims – and how you have the POWER to fix these problems.

See how YOU Have the Power to fix some of the biggest problems in your VA Claim.

Did you Know that you Get this eBook – and 5 others – for free when you purchase an Annual Subscription to the Veterans Law Blog?

5 Reasons VA Keeps Screwing Up My Claim


  1. Ron

    I have used the American Legion and DAV, caught them both in lies. If they had no back log how would the VSO’s have a JOB, they would’nt. The VSO’s have to justify their job somehow so they just string the Veteran along. That is my opinion.

    • Reginald Hicks

      I agree, my VFW VSO has not contacted once regard my claim. I am in the gathering of evidence phase and yet to hear from him. So I am going it alone.


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