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    • VA TDIU Field Manual
    • 5 Reasons the VA Keeps Screwing Up Your Claim (and how you have the power to fix them)
    • VA Claims Case Study (Volume 1: The DRO)
    • Veterans Court Cases: 10 Important Cases
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I think so: I put a lot of time into giving you content that is thorough, helpful and informative.

Nobody else – no accredited attorney and no VSO – will teach you how to Take Back the Power in Your VA Claim or Appeal.

But don’t listen to me….here’s what your fellow Veterans said about the Veterans Law Blog®:

Tim T (Vietnam Veteran, medic & former nurse):   “I followed your process on the Vet law blog and I am now rated at 70% in only 3 months. Thank you Chris!”

Joe B: “Your blog is the top of the heap of resources available for veteran’s claims.”

Richard S: “The Veterans Law Blog® has great ebooks that will get you going in the right direction.”

Bruce D: “I want to donate to the Veterans Law Blog® in lieu of what had been my 25+ years of DAV contributions.  I learned more in a month from the Vet Law blog than the DAV ever taught me.”

Bonnie G: “I am so pleased to find your website! Your selection of books is wonderful and the knowledge you share is priceless!”

Alex L: ” Considering what someone like me would have to pay to get this information from an accredited VA attorney, I would say the price worth every penny.  Your information is valuable.”

National VSO Service Rep: “Your blog material is shedding new light on the VA process and how to increase the probability of getting a successful claim award.” (This rep asked me to keep his name confidential)

Daniel T.:  “Thank you! Reading your blogs and books worked.  You give Veterans so much knowledge. You gave me tools to get 100% permanent and total.  I will call to personally thank you.”

Brad S.: “My sincere gratitude…if there was a “Chris Attig” that I could have crossed paths with back in 1974, I could have been in the VA System literally DECADES ago!” 

Samuel A. “Great website! I have purchased most of your eBooks and have found them to be very helpful and I very much appreciate the information in understanding and dealing with the VA.”

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Hundreds  – if not thousands – of y’all have emailed me to tell me how the Veterans Law Blog® transformed your VA Claim.

Many of you now have benefits because of what you learned to do on this website.

I am ECSTATIC about that – and it convinces me of the POWER of Information.  So, I’m going to Build the Next Step of my Vision.

The Veterans Law Blog will do MORE than just post daily articles and release eBooks and Field Manuals – it will become the BEST resource for Veterans Battling the VA for Benefits…and for VSOs that WANT more training than their national offices will provide.

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