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how to obtain va c file

I just got an email from a Veteran that used our most popular eBook teaching him how to obtain a copy of his VA C-File.

Here is what this Veteran say about the Veterans Law Training: “Your VA C-File: How to Get it and How to Use It”:

The Veteran’s email you are about to read – and more like it – reinforce my desire to help teach Veterans how to Cut through the Fog of their VA Claims and Appeals!

This is what he wrote me in his email:

Your book(s) were of immeasurable value to me. 

I sent the FOIA demand letter for my entire c-file and had it within about 10 days.  The info in there has allowed me to get my claims back on track for the first time ever as the info in the file that was needed to support my claims was actually in the cfile all along and the va has been dragging it’s ass denying everything for over 3 1/2 years.

 The demand letter also seems to have gotten the va off their ass and they seem to have realized that they have really dropped the ball and ignored my case and now things are happening.
Anyway, for the first time in almost 4 years since I filed my claims, things are happening again and I highly doubt it is a coincidence that they get moving the same time as I send the demand letter.
Feel free to use me as a reference etc. as I am more than satisfied.  If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them and/or discuss specifics etc.
Fred E. (Minnesota)

Here is some MORE Feedback from  Veterans about the C-File eBook.

“I would like to say THANK YOU for all the great information I read and used in the Ebooks. I feel like “I Spent a Night at the Holiday Inn Express” .

I’m more knowledgeable in a lot of area’s. I HIGHLY Recommend to all Veterans’ to purchase the eBooks. FIVE STAR PLUS ….I received my VA C-File less than 10 days, thanks.

I read partial of my C-File and the information for my claim is in there, VA just didn’t read/find it. I found it on page 26 and again on page 29, wow.”

Daniel T (First Sergeant, Army, Ret.)


“How to Get Your C-File – and your emphasis on the immense importance of having a copy of the C-File – has helped me the most.!! I used the FOIA letter examples in the book – and requested copies of my C-File and my C&P examination – April 23rd. I filed an appeal on May 28th. I received my copy of the C&P exam on 6-11-14. I am still waiting for my copy of the C=File. By the way, as a result of my filing the appeal VA has scheduled three more C&P exams for me, the last one is on June 24th.”

–Clarence H.


“If, [this eBook] contained nothing more than the already filled out template for filing a Freedom of Information Act request to get your VA records, it would be worth much, much more than it sells for. By using the Freedom of Information Act form provided in the booklet and just filling in your own name and contact info, you can legally FORCE the VA to stop stalling you and lying to you and cough up the records and the info that they are ILLEGALLY withholding from you.”  

— Ron Nesler (Vietnam Veteran, Indiana).


“I already purchased this book and … the results were incredible. I am still dumbfounded. I sent a letter to get copies of my C&P exams using the format in your book and within twenty days I had the copies! I sent in a request for copies of my C&P exams in September 2013 and had not heard anything!!!  I purchased your book in March 2014, sent the letter and by April 10th I had the copies. I can say that if I had not used the example letters in your book it would have probably taken another year before I would have received them.  Thanks for great books, I have purchased 3 total…”

— Gregory M.


What eBook are they referring to?

Our most popular eBook has become a Video Training Course: Your VA C-File: How to Get It and How to Use It!

There are 3 ways to get your C-File – and I share all 3 with Veterans.

But with 3 different methods, what’s so unique about the Veterans Law Blog method? It’s got teeth – real teeth to bite back at the VA if they don’t send it to you fast enough – and the VA knows it!

I have been using this method for years to get C-Files faster than anyone else.  I didn’t invent the method, but when I found out that it worked, I immediately started teaching it to Veterans and their attorneys.

I taught it to dozens of lawyers at conferences of Veterans advocates – many of the firms started using this method and it is now making waves all over the VA.

The C-File is the most important document in your VA Claim or Appeal, and I don’t know how Veterans can move efficiently through the VA Claims process without it.


How to get the Video Training.

If you want to learn how to get your C-File from the VA (and how to get USE your VA C-File to improve your VA Claim), you can join the Video Training course by clicking here.

Take a look at the Veterans Law Blog bookstore, too, where you can find packages of eBooks and Video training that will lower the price of buying the training and books individually.

Please feel free to send feedback to me using the green button in the lower right corner of every page of the Veterans Law Blog.

I want positive and negative feedback – my goal is to make the Veterans Law Blog the BEST resource for Veterans battling the VA…and I can only do that if you tell me whether my posts help you or not.

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