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I hope you enjoy this full recording of “VA Claims Live on Facebook: Season 3, Episode 2 (November 21, 2008)”

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In this episode, I covered several topics:

* If you are looking for a VA disability lawyer, instead of searching for “VA disability lawyers near me,” do THIS search instead.

* I’ll tell you about VA Form 21-2680, how and when to use it, and some key information that needs to be on the form if you have filed a claim for VA aid and attendance

* We will discuss the VA Aid and Attendance and Housebound additions to the base non-service connected pension benefit. (In the video, I warn about pension poachers, which you can read about here.)

* I’ll briefly talk about SMC-L (Special Monthly Compensation level L for VA aid and attendance and housebound additions to a 100% rating in a disability compensation claim)

Additional Links:

Hiring an advocate – a VA disability lawyer, accredited agent or VSO representative – is Step 8 of my “8 Steps to Improving Your VA Claim or Appeal.” Learn the other steps in this post.

Here’s where to get a DIGITAL copy of the “How to Choose a VA Disability Lawyer” eBook (FREE)

Here’s where to get a PAPERBACK copy of the “How to Choose a VA Disability Lawyer” Paperback (Small charge for printing)

You can learn more about VA Form 21-2680 here.

You can learn more about VA Aid and Attendance here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post is meant to be a general guide for understanding VA aid and attendance and VA Form 21-2680. It is NOT meant to be an exhaustive list of all of the possible ways to claim or win VA aid and attendance.

The above video was recorded November 21, 2018, live on Facebook.

A word of caution as you watch this video: the older the video, the older the information. While some things in VA law never change, other things can change quicker than you think. I work hard to keep every post and video on this site up-to-date, but I’m only human.

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