In 2007, I filed my own VA claim.  I got so pissed off at how complicated it was – even with my law degree –  that I vowed to make a change.

Fast forward 8 years …

….I’ve written over 700 posts teaching YOU how to Take Back the Power in Your VA Claim.   I’ve published 11 eBooks and 2 full-length training videos.

Over 45,000 of you – Veterans and Survivors, attorneys and agents and VSO reps –  stop by each month to discover the secrets, tips and methods I teach.

You come from internet searches and email links….Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  You come from all corners of the globe.

That’s an amazing thing when you stop to think about it – tens of thousands of Veterans, coalescing around a single Vision: to Take Back the Power in Our VA Claims.

Earlier this year, I asked myself….is that ALL we can do?

Can the Veterans Law Blog do MORE?

Here’s what I decided:

The Veterans Law Blog WILL Do More. 

I’m not going to stop giving you quality information on how to properly develop, prove and appeal your VA Claims.

I am actually going to give you MORE.

I am going to:

  • Produce MORE types of information – Video Blog, Podcasts, etc.
  • Make it easier to FIND that information … without advertisements and pop-ups
  • Hire Veterans and their family members to assist with customer support issues.
  • Visit Veterans Groups around the US to speak on Veteran’s Benefits issues.
  • Establish a Grant program to help Veterans start their own businesses.
  • Reorganize as a 501(c) non-profit so your subscriptions are tax-deductible.
  • Employ agents and attorneys  trained to  help Veterans file and properly develop VA claims – ideally, at no cost to the Veteran.

Some of this can be done in just a few weeks. Some will take months. Some will take years.

But one thing  is absolutely certain…..

…..I Can’t Do It Alone.

To do it all…the Veterans Law Blog needs YOU.

When you subscribe to the Veterans Law Blog, you provide the fuel to propel the Veterans Law Blog Forward.

With the support of each Veteran that uses this site, the Veterans Law Blog will stop being “just a blog” ….

…..and will become a powerful weapon in the battle to Change the Way Veterans Experience the VA Claims Process.

Will You Join Me on the Battlefield?


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    Yes Chris, I will join your efforts. In fact, I tried clicking on the annual membership link (for $80.00), but nothing happens. If you have my VISA card data on file, go ahead and charge $80.00 to it for an annual membership.

    I already tell other veterans about your site, and your various e-books (most of which I have bought over the past year or two).

    I am 63 now and I’m already 40% S.C. I filed four N. of D. (by Certified Mail) in September of 2013. I finally had my DRO hearing on October 10, 2014 (Milwaukee). One last (to date) C & P exam was quickly scheduled for October 21st. Some weeks after that both my VSO & my Vet Center counselor told me they approved the change in my Anxiety Disorder condition to PTSD– but didn’t know what the raters would assign to it percentage-wise.

    According to e-Benefits, which is truly screwed up, the time frame for finishing my claims is anywhere from “March 9th to June 15th (2015)”. But according to that things are still in the “GATHERING OF EVIDENCE” stage.

    Even my Vet Center counselor wondered why they didn’t just get done and send me my letter. (The last C & P exam was to further address my PTSD claim. My VSO said that the V.A. apparently didn’t have any problems with my other three N. of D.: TBI, OSA secondary to the TBI & exacerbated by my PTSD, & Thoracic spine condition. I have a fifth condition that they have increased on their own to 20%: for Cervical spine condition.)

    So Chris, I expect at least a 90% rating based on the “threshold” ratings for PTSD (50%), OSA (50%), TBI (40%), Thoracic spine condition (minimum of 10%), and my existing Cervical spine condition (20%). My other existing S.C. condition is Anxiety Disorder (30%– which I understand would become a formal PTSD rating and whatever figure they assign to that).

    While I haven’t put a TDIU claim in, one pro-Veteran doctor told me they might give me 100% (especially since I’ve provided them with financial information from my accountant about my declining income over the past few years– have worked for over 32 years as a self-employed chiropractor… thanks to your TDIU e-book realizing that all along I worked in a SHELTERED ENVIRONMENT all those years, as I joined my late father in practice back in 1982).

    Anyway, sorry for going off on this tangent. But yes, I want to help.

    Thanks for what you are doing. – Brad

    • Chris Attig

      Didn’t work, Brad? Let me know what page you were on and I’ll check it out.

      Your support is always appreciated…you’ve been there since the beginning….I’ll have to make you a Colonel in this Army I’m trying to raise.

      • Brad Smith

        I’d be honored! Thanks again for all of your efforts.


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