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Navy veterans who served on ships during the Vietnam War have some good news – an updated list of ships with “Brown Water” service in Vietnam has been published by the VA in January 2011.

Read more about Agent Orange by clicking here.  Read more about “Brown Water” Navy Vets by clicking here.

Clicking on the following hyper-text link will open a PDF file called  Brown Water Ships_in_Vietnam-2 (January 2011).  The document lists ships that have confirmed service in the inland waterways of Vietnam; sailors on board these ships during certain time periods may be eligible for disability compensation for disabilities that are legally presumed connected to Agent Orange exposure.

If you have evidence of service on one of these ships, and have previously been denied service-connection as a  Blue Water Navy Veteran, or for any reason, then you should contact the VA Regional Office or an attorney representing U.S. Veterans and ask for a review of your claim.

A notable addition to this list is the USS Dennis J. Buckley (DD-208), which is confirmed as having seen “Brown Water” service on the Mekong River Delta Saigon River, and Ganh Rai Bay from December 19, 1966 to January 16, 1967.

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No post on this website is meant to be legal advice and the posts on this website do not serve as a substitute for legal advice. Information is power, and we are providing this information to give you, the Veteran, some power. This information is not widely or easily accessible to Veterans. The information presented on this website is a general description of law and processes; each case is different, and there may be approaches listed here that are not accurate or applicable to your case. Likewise, their may be information that is applicable to your case that is not provided on this Veterans Disability Compensation Blog.


It is very important that we note that each and every Veteran’s claim is different. Just because we were able to secure substantial past-due benefits for one Veteran does not mean or imply that we will be able to do so for you. In some cases, we may not be able to secure you any financial compensation due to the facts of your particular case.

It is best to consult with a lawyer familiar with VA Disability claims to examine your particular claim. If you would like to discuss your VA claim with a lawyer who handles VA Benefits and Disability Appealscontact the Attig Law Firm, PLLC, for a free consultation with a VA Disability attorney.

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