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Opinions from the Veterans Court – and other Courts – can Improve Your VA Claim. 

Lawyers, VSOs, and Veterans all have a tendency to look to Veterans Court (and other Court) Opinions for the Rule of Law for which they stand.

But Opinions from Courts are SO MUCH MORE than that.  I believe that Veterans Court opinions can teach the savvy advocate and Veteran how to Improve a VA Claim or Appeal.

The Veterans Law Blog shows, in its analysis of Court opinions, how a Veteran can USE that decision to improve his or her own claim or appeal.

ou can learn things like:

1) When is the BEST time to get your VA C-File

2) What evidence is the BEST evidence to submit in your VA Claim

3) How do you submit evidence to get the maximum value from it

4) How do you challenge an inadequate Compensation and Pension Exam

5) How can you lay the foundation for a favorable Impairment Rating

6) How can you service connect a condition that is related to drug and alcohol abuse

That’s just a few examples…there is so much more Veterans can learn from what judges say – and don’t say – in their decisions.


The newest Veterans Law eBook lays out the 10 Cases that EVERY Veteran Should Know.


Let’s face it, if you are going to get the benefits you are entitled to, you are going to have to learn a thing or two about the law governing Veterans Benefits Claims.

Learning the Law is the 3rd Step in my 8 Steps to Improving your VA Claim. Here are all 8 Steps:

Step 1: See the Solution

Step 2: Get your C-File NOW!

Step 3: Learn the Law

Step 4: Build the 4 Pillars

Step 5: Use 5 Star Evidence

Step 6: Choose your Battlefield

Step 7: Get Help.

Step 8: Protect your Survivors and Dependents.

In this eBook, I am going to talk about 10 cases that every Veteran needs to become familiar with if they are going to improve their VA Claim or Appeal and (hopefully) get out of the VA Hamster Wheel faster.

This eBook is not a boring discussion of law and cases, legal rules and holdings.

It is a practical guide to show the Veteran how to USE the words in the Court’s opinions to their advantage and improve their VA Claim or Appeal.

What You Can Learn in this eBook:

In this Field Manual, I am going to talk to you about 10 cases that every Veteran needs to become familiar with if they are going to improve their VA Claim or Appeal and (hopefully) get out of the VA Hamster Wheel faster.

You will learn things like:

* How to NOT Fear the BVA Remand

* How to keep the VA from denying you for a pre-existing condition

* STOPPING The VA’s newest tactic – What I Call “Claim Trimming”.

* What the VA should NOT do in a PTSD exam

* The REAL POWER of Lay Evidence.


Here is the Table of Contents:

Preface:  Changing the Way Veterans Experience the VA Claim Process.

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Chapter 1: Allen v. Principi

Chapter 2: Crowe v. Brown

Chapter 3: Gilbert v. Derwinski

Chapter 4: Horn v. Shinseki

Chapter 5: Ingram v. Nicholson

Chapter 6: Jandreau v. Nicholson

Chapter 7: Mauerhan v. Principi

Chapter 8: Rice v. Shinseki

Chapter 9: Stegall v. West

Chapter 10: Walker v. Shinseki

Click on the Image Below and Discover the Law Every Veteran Should Know:

Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Cases

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