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VA Statement of Case (SOC) Example

Live Walk-through: VA Statement of the Case Example.

This walk-through video is actually a screencast video.

A screencast is a video recording of my Computer Screen – it allows me to talk you through documents and explain them to you without having to bring a video crew into my office.

I’ve gotten a Veteran’s permission to share with you his single issue Statement of the Case to explain to you what the Statement of the Case is, how to read it, and what information is – and is not – important on this form.

After watching this video, you will have learned:

* How to calculate the CORRECT deadlines for filing your VA Form 9

* What a Statement of the Case looks like.

* The 4 Parts of the Statement of the Case that you NEED to understand and verify

* Tips to make your arguments in your VA Form 9 BETTER based on what you read on the Statement of Case

* How to tell if the VA made some basic errors in denying your claim.

* Much more!

Tell me if you like these screencasts – they are a lot of fun for me to do, so if they help, leave a note in the comments section below….



  1. mscafide

    The SOC video no longer runs.

    • Chris Attig

      Thanks for letting me know – should be fixed now.

  2. Phillip Sterling

    Sound only on the video above; no visual content!!!!!!!!!!

  3. john w smith usmc 1968-1972

    i appreciate the screencast and the partial info that you post. just delivered my NOD to Chicago VARO last friday. i already have a statement of case from back in 1974, and now am waiting on the next one. Back in the 70’s I didn’t have a Form 1-9 so I just typed it onto a sheet of paper and submitted it .BVA denied and there were no additional appeals available back then so I continue to press the initial issue as well as secondary conditions as well. Again thanx so much for the info. John

  4. Jeff Grage

    I need help with my claim. This video is great,

  5. Stewart Ford

    Chris, I checked out your new screencast on the VA SOC and VA Form 9. I think it is very informative for all veterans that receive this type of denial decisions. It is very easy to follow and important information to learn. Thanks for all your work! Stewart

  6. Taylor K Harrell


    This was awesome. everything seems so complicated and confusing. This video was clear consice and was personable. Thank you for taking the time ro relate to us and help us out.



  7. Larry Medders

    Chris this is very helpful for someone like me
    that does not understand what forms is to be used. I filed a NOD and VA thought i was opening a new claim. After listening to this i now know that the VA also makes HUGE mistakes. Having this
    makes it less stressful and i can learn a lot from you.
    Larry W Medders

  8. Billy Shewmaker

    Thank you for this very informative video. I personally loved it. And, what timing. I am expecting my SOC from VA in the next 30 or so days for my 1151 claim and this couldn’t have come at a better time. I will be going through my C file to gather some of the information you presented that is probably standard. That will give me a jumpstart on this and save some time.

    As per one of your other blogs, I have almost completed my “Sworn Declaration” to submit with my form 9. I have to admit, I feel the 21-4138s don’t seem to have much impact. Hopefully, the Sworn Declaration” will.

    I had contacted your office a few months ago and was emailing with Allyson, I believe. I filled out the permission document for you to get a copy of my C file and review it and have not heard back. So, I assumed you didn’t want to take my case. I am going it alone, thus far.

    Wish me luck. I look forward to more videos.

  9. Jorge L. Recano

    very informative video.

    Thank you,
    Jorge L. Recano

  10. Ken

    Mr Attig, Your screen cast on Statement of Case was VERY useful to me. A great way to get a lot of info over fast. I appreciate the casual conversational approach. I am preparing to submit a NoD at the insistence of my Vet Center psychologist. I was awarded for PTSD, 30% but he’s feels it should be more and has written a letter. I will read your website and likely send a question, if I can. Thanks. Ken, US Army Air Traffic Vietnam

  11. Rick Hil

    I liked this, I’m looking at my SOC with difference eyes now !

  12. Mary Parmenter

    Another comment: As I listen to this I realize that the VSO’s who were supposed to help were incompetent! No one ever went over the SOC or even mentioned it to me. No one even contacted me or returned my calls when I had a question. Now my case is supposedly at the Appeals board and still no one has contacted me. I did not really realize I had 90 days to respond to the SOC nor what to look for. Do I have any recourse now? I think your tutorial would be more helpful if you could address the “What do I do now?” things. Perhaps in a part two after a week or so of receiving questions such as mine.

  13. Mary Parmenter

    Thanks Chris! I love this form of tutorial, it is how I best learn, video and voice at once does it for me 🙂



    I like video statement of the case.I would to buy your ebooks,but i’m confused on what package to get

  15. U

    Now your talking, I mean now you are really talking. Screencast, where teaching and learning come together. Thanks for the good you do and you do a lot.

  16. Jim Crockett

    I loved the screencast! I filed my NOD about 10 weeks ago, and still do not have a response. In the meantime, I used your FOIA request format and received an amazingly rapid reply. I was able to find all documentation related to my original claim on the VA CD, although in complete disarray. I continue to learn in preparation for the next steps. I find your materials especially helpful. Thanks!

  17. James Maxey

    The Statement of the Case report you gave was very informative. I found a loop hole in my Statement of the Case. They owe me back pay on one disability. Thank you very much for your input. By the way I have only one Statement of the Case since 1986.

  18. Richard Hinrichs

    In found the screen-cast very informative. I htink the explanation you gave was very informative.
    Thank You for taking the time for this screen cast.


    Great, really enjoyed your informative “Screencast”. Keep posting them. Thank heaven for your expertise! Sincerely, George Adams

  20. Vicente Ferdinand

    Real goodI Like it.

  21. james

    hi chris, i wanted to say i enjoyed the screencast very much. it was very helpful,i did the same thing just not as detailed. i had a 4 year psychologist do a review and change my gaf score in 2012 from serious to moderate, then that was all they would look at to deny my claim. thanks again, i hope you do more.

  22. Michael Scafide

    Wow! That was really well done. I’m nowhere near that stage but had to watch all of it because it was interesting to watch (almost entertaining).

    Between the lines there is information that gives us an idea of how intricate this complex system is. With guidance like this we can do some of the grunt work for a better outcome.

    Everybody needs feedback to do a better job.

    I will hire you when I am allowed to use you.

    Aka Mike Dust

  23. Cory Andrew

    Please! Do more of these instructional videos, they are very helpful! Knowledge is power! Thanks!


    I just viewed… Screencast: Live Walk-through of a VA Statement of the Case Example…EXCELLENT!!!!



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