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I Spent 9 months to Researching and Writing this Veterans Law Guidebook:

* I talked to several doctors and Sleep Specialists about Sleep Apnea

* I talked to hundreds of Veterans about their Sleep Apnea Claims.

* I read countless BVA and Veterans Court Decisions

* I reviewed every sleep apnea claim my Firm had in the last 7 years.

* I compiled all of that information into ONE VA Sleep Apnea Guidebook.

And Here’s what I Came Up with:

Here’s What I Will Teach You about VA Sleep Apnea Claims:

* What Sleep Apnea is, and why so many Veterans are being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea

* The 3 different types of Sleep Apnea – and what conditions and situations cause it

* How to Prove Sleep Apnea Claims using my “4 Pillars Method”

* What Lay and Medical Evidence to get in a VA Sleep Apnea Claim or Appeal

* Common Veteran Errors in Veterans VA Sleep Apnea Appeals and Claims

* How to Put it All Together – the 5 Most Common Sleep Apnea Service-Connection Scenarios.

* Much, much more!

This Veterans Law Guidebook is over 165 pages of information designed to teach you how to better understand how the VA and the BVA view Sleep Apnea service connection claims.


Get a FREE Excerpt of Chapter 1 Here!”

Not only will you get all that information – and more – but you will also get these BONUS Values:

FREE Updates:

If you purchase a copy of the Veterans Sleep Apnea Guidebook, I will send you a FREE updated copy any time I release a new edition (usually 2-4 times a year).

FULL Refund:

If you offer me feedback that I can use to make theVeterans Sleep Apnea Guidebook BETTER, I will refund your entire purchase price.

DISCOUNTS on all our Veterans Law Guidebooks:

By purchasing the Veterans Sleep Apnea Guidebook, I will include you on a special list of Veterans who get discounts on all of our Veterans Law Guidebooks.   (We currently have 8 other Veterans Law Guidebooks to inform and educate YOU about the VA, VA Claims and Appeals, and many aspects of the VA Claims Process.)


Click Either Image Below to Reveal the Secrets of Proving a VA Sleep Apnea Claim:


Field Manual VA Sleep Apnea



Sleep Apnea Package

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