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Is the VA Office of General Counsel abusing its power by making frivolous legal arguments that cost the American Taxpayer millions of dollars?
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  1. Marcelino

    Good to know Chris. This issue may be consider as a possible Fraud, Waste and Abuse and fiduciary wrongdoing. As a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) myself, I would look into this matter and follow the money to see where the money from the OGC is going.

    • Chris Attig

      Marcelino – very true!

      It is my understanding that this information – as well as other concerns about the VA OGC – have been reported to certain Federal Investigators by a follower of the blog, so we will see if anything happens!


  2. Leah

    Wow. I heard about this litigation over EAJA fees since I work at a law school clinic. It sounds like some very poor leadership in OGC’s office.

    I feel like a toxic culture pervades this bureaucracy. Did you read or listen to the testimony of whistleblower Kelli Kordich, Senior Counsel at the BVA? She blew the whistle on how BVA was manipulating the number of cases it “closed” by counting each remand as a “close.”

    • Chris Attig


      Thanks for that link, I had not read that article or listened to that testimony, but I will.

      There is a very toxic culture in this bureaucracy, but there need not be. A few of the key toxic employees/executives could be cut off of the branch and the culture could be replaced….I am hopeful Secretary McDonald can do this, but I still think that a couple of the key leaders that he relies on are misleading him (or, as they say, McDonald is in the early stages of getting “Shinseki’d” by the Career Bureaucrats).

      Thanks for that link…I will be reading it today.



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