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When a Veteran passes away, the Surviving Spouse is often unaware what benefits are available to them.

One VA compensation benefit – for which many spouses are eligible, though few apply – is called Dependency and Indemnity Compensation.

In 2014, the eligible surviving spouse might receive a monthly  payment of $1,233.25 (plus more depending on how many children he/she had and how long the Veteran was disabled prior to death).  Check the VA Dependency Indemnity Compensation Rate Table here for current rates.

VA Dependency Indemnity Compensation (also referred to as DIC) is also known as service-connection of the Veteran’s Cause of Death”.

Generally speaking, it is available to surviving spouses and children of Veterans who are able to show that the Veteran’s death is connected to service.

Here are 4 posts that serve as a good general summary of the benefit:

Who is Eligible for VA Dependency Indemnity Compensation?

Read this post to learn about the 3 categories of survivors that may be eligible to receive benefits from the VA.

There are several types of DIC – here are the 2 most Common.

Learn about the difference between Traditional VA Dependency Indemnity Compensation and “Section 1318 DIC).

Filing the VA Dependency Indemnity Compensation Claim is easy –  but must be done on timely.

Find out how the time at which a survivor files can impact the amount of the benefit.

Remarriage and Dependency Indemnity Compensation.

In certain situations, remarriage of the Surviving Spouse can terminate benefits.  Find out more here.

 The Veterans Survivors Handbook.

Veterans Surviving Spouses often know very little about the benefits available to them.  And, when a Veteran dies suddenly, surviving spouse is often left with so much to do that he or she doesn’t have time to research VA benefits.

My grandmother found herself in this situation.

When her husband (a WWII combat Veteran) died after returning home, she had 5 kids to raise.  There was no internet and survivors had to rely on their local VA reps – who often told them that nothing was available.

I’m writing a book that will change all that.

The book is the Veterans’ Survivors Handbook.  In the book, I will discuss the full range of benefits available to surviving spouses of deceased Veterans.  This will include VA Dependency Indemnity Compensation, Accrued Benefits, Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA), and much, much more.

The book is not yet published, but if you would like to know when it will be published, add your email address to the form below.


* This post was initially published on December 3, 2010, and has been updated with more current information. 

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