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Friday, February 10, 2017 (Episode 011)

Host: Chris Attig, Accredited VA Claims Attorney

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Are You Taking Advantage of Secondary Service Connection in Your VA Disability Claim?

The 4th Pillar: Getting the Right VA Claim Effective Date.

Revealing the mystery of the VA Impairment Rating.

Focus on these 4 Points and Improve your VA PTSD claim.

Corroborating the Stressor in a PTSD VA Disability claim.

CASE ALERT: Federal Circuit Clarifies What Kind of Proof of Stressor Event Veteran Must Submit.

Before Even Requesting a BVA Hearing, Have You Thought About This?

4 Things Veterans can do NOW to get ready for a BVA hearing.

This is the one BVA Hearing Document You HAVE Got to Get.

Bazinga! The BVA Does have a Duty to Assist Veterans at the BVA Hearing!

Want to Move Your BVA Appeal into High Gear? File a Motion to Advance on the Board of Veterans Appeals Docket.

Did a BVA Judge Say you Lack Credibility? Here are 6 Ways to Fight Back.

An Interview with a Board of Veterans Appeals Judge: Learn what’s REALLY important at the BVA!

The Key Ingredients for your VA Notice of Disagreement

Video Class: Walkthrough a VA Notice of Disagreement (NOD)

Veterans can ALWAYS get a second opinion from an accredited VA attorney.

Did You Get the Right Nehmer Effective Date in Your Agent Orange Claim?

Getting Back to Basics: Agent Orange Diabetes VA Claims.

5 Steps to VA Benefits for Survivors of Thailand Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange….

This VA Magic Trick Will Magically Transform Your Case into a Blue Water Agent Orange Claim.

Agent Orange Korean Veterans & VA Claims.

Brown Water Agent Orange claims for Vietnam Veterans.

Agent Orange on Okinawa during the Vietnam War.

Are you eligible for Dependency Indemnity Compensation Benefits?

Veterans Surviving Spouses often don’t know to apply for VA Dependency Indemnity Compensation

8 Steps to Make your VA Disability Claims BETTER!

Protecting your Spouse’s VA Accrued Benefits Claim in event you pass away.

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