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What follows is a link to download a Word (*.doc) template for a Request to Expedite an Appeal Remanded by the BVA and/or CAVC in LEGACY APPEALS ONLY.

Legal Disclaimers.

While this form is the form that I use in my own clients’ matters, providing this form does not constitute legal advice.

Nor does providing this form suggest that the use of this form will improve your likelihood of success or guarantee your success expediting your remanded at the VARO, BVA or CAVC.

Providing this form does not create an attorney client relationship between you, Chris Attig, and/or the Veterans Law Blog®. The Veterans Law Blog® is NOT a law firm and does not provide legal advice about individual claims or appeals.

The Veterans Law Blog® is an educational site and not a law firm and not engaged in the practice of law.

The purpose of providing this form is to educate you on the procedure for expediting an appeal remanded by the CAVC or the BVA.  It is intended for  educational purposes only, so that Veterans might have better understanding of the process and bureaucratic procedures involved with securing VA disability benefits or Survivors Benefits from the VA.

This form, or the use of this form, is no substitute for legal advice from an attorney accredited by the VA to represent Veterans.  If you have questions about whether or not to use the Request to Expedite in your specific case, I highly recommend that you contact and consult with an accredited VA attorney before attempting to use this template.

Downloading the template is acceptance and understanding  of the Legal Disclaimers posted above, and your acknowledgment that:

1) You have no attorney-client relationship with the Veterans Law Blog® or Chris Attig by nature of your use or download of this template

2) This form does not constitute legal advice – it is a general template that does not apply to the specifics of your particular appeal

3) It is recommended that, prior to using this template, you consult with an accredited VA Attorney about your BVA Appeal

4) There is no guarantee that the generic request contained in this template is appropriate for your case or appeal, or will work in your case or appeal.

IMPORTANT: 5) This template should ONLY be used for Remands of Legacy Appeals. It is not appropriate to use this template in an AMA/Modernized appeal.



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