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How to Get VA TDIU

If you are unable to get work because of your service connected disabilities, and are trying to get a 100% rating, you might find yourself asking how to get VA TDIU.

The proof of VA TDIU is not too difficult – check out the linked posts below to read more about VA TDIU or to check out the VA TDIU Field Manual.

However, many Veterans find themselves up against a VA Comp and Pen examiner who concludes that you ARE able to work – or perform sedentary work – even with your serious VA disabilities.

In that case – or if you just want to streamline your proof of entitlement to VA TDIU benefits, you might want to contact a VA TDIU Vocational Expert.

In today’s Facebook live (the first episode of Season 2 of this awesome project) I interview one of the best Vocational Experts I have had the pleasure of working wiith


Date of Show:

Thursday, April 20, 2017 (Season 2 – Episode 013)

Host: Chris Attig, Accredited VA Claims Attorney

Guest: Patrick Clifford, TDIU Vocational Evaluation Expert at Clifford Vocational Services

Note: Depending when you are seeing this post, some of the offers and opportunities in this list may have expired.


Submit your questions for future episodes here.



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3. TDIU Posts, Book and Information

The VA TDIU Field Manual

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2 Ways to Earn an Income while on TDIU

Upsetting the VA Apple Cart in a VA TDIU Claim

You can Recover TDIU Even with a 100% disability rating

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