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Do you want to know how to prepare for a BVA Hearing the way that I do?

Then you are going to want to read my eBook “How to Prepare for a BVA Hearing”.

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Listen — I’ve heard your feedback in surveys and emails.   Veterans have told me they want to get information and education about how to handle their own VA Claims.

The most common request:  you want to know how to Prepare for a BVA Hearing.

I shared this with a couple of pro-se Veterans, and here is what one said about my approach:

“Really appreciate the “down in the weeds” write up on the actual procedures!  VASD (VA stress syndrome) staved off for another day!”

–SB (Spouse of a 26 year Marine mustang who served in combat both in Vietnam and in the first Gulf War)

I’ve gone back and analyzed all of the BVA Hearings I’ve done, and how I prepared for them, and I’ve turned this into a guide for you.  The eBook was just sent off to the publisher for final edits and I hope to have it on sale soon

If you want to find out how to get a EARLY RELEASE DISCOUNT on the purchase price, add your name and email to the form below and I’ll tell you how!

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