As I studied to become a lawyer, I realized something: lawyers LOVE to play their cards close to their chests.
We don’t – as a profession – openly share information.

Our unique knowledge of court systems and administrative processes – gleaned from years of functioning in these specialized worlds – is what fuels (we think!) our ability to earn an income.

In reality, what enables my law firm  to earn an income is its willingness to get in the trenches with our clients, and be the Veteran’s advocate.

As an attorney, I believe that I have a duty  to inform the public about the law, and the processes that enable the law to function.  Keeping secrets about the process – about the law – is not in my nature.

Bottom line – the Veterans Law Blog is (and will continue to be)  a “Disruptor” in the legal industry – we are not only going to Change the Way Veterans Experience the VA Claims Process, but we are also going to change the way lawyers interact with the public.  (More on that, later).

What I want to share with you now are the 7 Principles that govern my work on the Veterans Law Blog


PRINCIPLE #1: The Veterans Law Blog Openly Shares Information.

Unlike others, I don’t hold back on information. As of the date of this post, the Veterans Law Blog has over 600 posts about Veterans and VA Benefits legal topics.

While I sometimes have to explain information in varying degrees of detail, I don’t hold on to any “secrets” to entice you into retaining my law firm.

My goal is to cut through all the complexity and unnecessary legalese that has over-run the Veterans Benefits arena and provide you with clear, straightforward and cogent analysis that translates the law into laymen’s terms.

PRINCIPLE #2:  Information on the Veterans Law Blog is based on REAL experiences.

Unlike others, our posts are based on the actual experiences of my Veteran clients and my team of attorneys.

That is important –  you gain the benefit of the broad experience of the Veterans Law Blog.

You aren’t left to guess whether the attorney writing the blog is actually an attorney, or if he/she has ever actually represented a Veteran in a service-connected disability compensation claim.

PRINCIPLE #3: The Veterans Law Blog has a unique philosophy to the VA: Defiant Optimism.

Unlike others, I promote a positive and optimistic philosophy: Chris Attig’s philosophy of Defiant Optimism.

Defiant Optimism is the belief that Veterans can vocally and publicly defy the horrendous VA Claims Bureaucracy while maintaining the integrity and honor of our service by treating all human beings – including VA employees – with civility.

I believe that optimism and civility breed a degree of satisfaction and results with the VA Claims Process that is not possible in a more negative environment.

I believe that rational defiance of the convoluted VA bureaucracy is still crucial to changing the lives of the men and women that gave so much in service of our nation.

PRINCIPLE #4: The Veterans Law Blog is not a “Marketing Gimmick”.

Unlike other legal blogs, mine is not a marketing ploy.  I’m not trying to find clients.  I don’t “keyword stuff” to get “Google Juice”, and I am not  trying to get more clients through my blog or social media presence.

My Vision is so much bigger than that.

I haven’t hired a professional blogger to write our blog.  I don’t buy blog posts from mass-content producers…the ones that spew out the same tired information.

If the post says “Chris Attig” is the author, I am the author.

None of my Guest Posters are anonymous: the value of knowing that a real person, with a real name, and a real life is willing to come out and share what they have experienced is invaluable.

And, frankly, aren’t we all a little suspicious of the “anonymous” author?

PRINCIPLE #5: The Veterans Law Blog provides QUALITY content.

Unlike others, the Veterans Law Blog is not just cut-and-pasted posts containing the latest CAVC and BVA decisions.

Every person that posts on the Veterans Law Blog writes their own material.

I insist on QUALITY material: material that pulls back the curtain and teaches Veterans the how and why of VA Claims.

PRINCIPLE #6: The Veterans Law Blog Will Never Cease Exploring Creatives Ways to Empower Veterans.

It is time to put in place effective policies for the Reintegration of Combat Veterans using every socio-economic “track” possible: government at all tiers and in all branches, private business, non-profits, churches, schools, activists….the list goes on.

To do this will take work – and a good bit of overhead cost.  So I write books and sell them.   I record training videos and make them available to purchase.

Know this:

Every dollar of revenue – from your purchases on the Veterans Law Blog – goes into building something bigger.  What started as a lawyer’s blog turned into 12 books that empowered countless Veterans to Take Back the Power in their own VA Claims.

What’s next?   I’ll tell you here….

PRINCIPLE #7: The authors on the Veterans Law Blog interact with you.

Unlike others, I talk with you.

If I post a topic and you comment, I will do my best to respond.  I will also interact with you on Facebook and on Google+.

I don’t give legal advice on the Veterans Law Blog – or Facebook or Google+ –  but I am happy to respond to your comments on my posts.

Bottom Line: The Veterans Law Blog is REAL content, from REAL people, with REAL experience in the law.

In the end, this  is what makes the Veterans Law Blog unique: it is about real dialogue, loaded with real information, from real people, with real world experience.

Here’s the important distinction: they are our real world experiences, not someone else’s.

All of the content on the Veterans Law Blog is written with an eye to Changing the Way that Veterans experience the VA Claims Process, and providing More Information and More Power to More Veterans in More Ways.

I will openly and publicly share the one thing that many attorneys – the Law Firms of the Past – guard ever so closely: Information.

I look forward to seeing you in our community – please introduce yourself in the comments section below.

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