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One of my favorite movies is “Jerry Maguire” – you remember that movie, right?

Tom Cruise plays a sports agent, and Cuba Gooding – a huge football star – is his client.  Cruise keeps promising Cuba the “world”…big contracts, fame, money.

Cuba Gooding, tired of hearing Tom Cruise “talking the talk”, makes him promise to “walk the walk” in this memorable scene:

If you Can’t PROVE Service Connection to the VA….what you SAY is meaningless!

The same thing applies in a VA Claim – if you can’t show the VA the Money – the evidence that PROVES what you are saying, you will lose your service connection claim 100% of the time.

That’s all well and good, you say, but how do I PROVE what I’m saying to the VA?

How do I choose the right service connection evidence in my claim?

Well, those questions are more than I can answer in a single blog post.

To prove what you are saying to the VA, you need to use what I call 5-Star Evidence.

And choosing the right evidence in your VA Claim is something that I will spend a lot of time teaching you to do in my book “The Secret to Proving Your VA Claim” and my Training Package “How to File a VA Claim”

But…if you have your VA C-File, you can start identifying what service connection evidence you already have (and by extension, what evidence you still need) by using the Quick Tip I provide in the video shown below.

Find out why the VA isn’t satisfied with the evidence in your Service-Connection Claim:


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