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You’ve waited 2 years for a DRO Hearing.

You know the issues on appeal because you’ve been studying your case almost every day.  You get to the hearing, and hear the dreaded words:

“I’m sorry, but your claim for service-connection of X is not listed in VACOLS, so I can’t talk to you about it.”

I’ve prepared a Case Study to show you  how one Veteran dealt with this scenario in his Decision Review Officer Hearing.

Decision Review Officer Hearing

You should NOT buy this case study if:

* You have not yet received a Ratings Decision on your claim
* You are preparing for your BVA Hearing
* Your case is at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

You might benefit from this case study if:

* Your Decision Review Officer Hearing (DRO) is scheduled, and want to be ready for unexpected developments.
* You want to argue that a claim the VA denied is an “inferred claim”
*The VA is arguing that a claim for a particular medical condition has been “deemed denied”
*You want to learn some techniques to protect yourself – and preserve the record of your arguments – at any DRO Hearing.

What You Can Learn:

* Why the DRO said the Veteran’s issue wasn’t on appeal,
* How the Veteran responded.
* What the Veteran did at the DRO Hearing to “Take Back the Power” in his claim.
* How he followed up after the hearing to ensure he “Kept the Power”.
* 3 Key Takeaway Points for any Veteran at a DRO Hearing.



I have included the full text of 3 precedential decisions from the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) that speak directly about “deemed denials” and “inferred claims”.

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