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I won’t translate B.O.H.I.C.A. in this post – its a little on the “crude” side.

Don’t know what it means? Ask a Marine.

When the Supreme Court issued its decision in the McCutcheon case earlier this week, it was telling Veterans to B.O.H.I.C.A.

Background of the B.O.H.I.C.A. case.

So a few years back, this guy McCutcheon wants to donate a bunch of cash to a bunch of political candidates.

Well, he finds himself unable to buy all the influence he wants, because the rules we set 30+ years or so ago have always limited the amount a single individual – and the amount a corporation – can contribute to a political campaign.

We created these rules because every human being with an ounce of common sense  knows that if you are a corporation and give a TON of cash to a political candidate you are:

1) Buying influence, or

2) Flat out stupid, doing a disservice to your corporate share-holders, and throwing good money after bad.

Don’t believe me that the only reason corporations contribute to the coffers of their Congressional Pawns is to peddle political influence?  Riddle me this: How does giving $2 million to a Political Party benefit the shareholders of Raytheon?  Raytheon is one of the Dogs of War, and  made $21 billion in arms sales in 2011.

Well, the times have changed, and the McCutcheon case essentially lifted any limitation on how much money a corporation can throw at a politician.

Why did the 5 Wealthy Old Men  on the Supreme Court lift Corporate Spending limits for Political Campaigns?

Because, apparently, unbeknownst to our Founding Fathers, when they wrote the First Amendment they were apparently REALLY trying to protect corporations that wanted to peddle influence among government officials.

How does this screw Veterans?

Well, as the 5 Wealthy Old Men said in their decision, individuals – the people that actually vote – are still limited to a cap of $2,600 per candidate in primary and general elections.

It can’t really be about Freedom of Speech – unless Corporations (that don’t actually have mouths or vocal cords) have more Speech Rights than individuals.

So if you are a Veteran struggling to make ends meet because the VA is using its byzantine claims process to limit the costs of war and will deny your claim until you die or give up…you are limited to $2,600 of influence.

But rename yourself Raytheon, KBR, or one of the other Dogs of War, and you can buy all the influence your shareholders will tolerate.

In other words, McCutcheon basically signaled that the VA will never get “fixed”, because the people that can peddle influence in Congress are not the Veterans who want a better system, but the Dogs of War that don’t want to pay you for your injuries in combat.

Don’t let Faux News or the Crappy News Network dissuade you: McCutcheon  isn’t about right or left, Democrat or Republican.

I really don’t give a shit if you’re a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Hollywood elite, Academic, Stoner, Hop-head, artist, Communist or Anarchist – I really don’t care.   I don’t even  care if you’re rich or poor.  Very few people in this world know where I stand politically – and that is by design.  Its because it doesn’t matter – not one  single bit.

There are 3 kinds of people in this world:

#1 People trying live their lives, raise families, put food on the table, and enjoy the short time we get on this planet, doing their best not to harm others.

#2 People that don’t like people, and run off to the mountains to live.

#3 People that – for a variety of reasons – need to be in control of other people and our resources.

If you ask me, the story of human history is the conflict between the people in Group #1 and the people in Group #3:

White people feeling compelled to control and have power over black people.

Christians trying to have power over Jews or Muslims (or vice versa).

Men trying to control women.

The rich trying to control and have power over the poor.

And so on.

As it stands now, Group #3 has (through the McCutcheon case)  solidified their control and power. The spoils of the McCutcheon case go to:

The Greedy Control Freaks that damn near bankrupted this country 4 times in the last 30 years.

The Power Hungry Narcissists that have sent us to war at least 8 times in my 42 yearsof life.


What can Veterans do?

If  the people – specifically the Veterans – in Group #1 have any hope of being able to reintegrate and enjoy their lives in the world the Dogs of War created after screwing them up with 13 years of moral atrocity, we as Veterans have to ignore the things that divide us.

It’s not about Christian v. Moslem.  Its about who gets to make the money and strip out the natural resources in the developing world.

It’s not about which news channel you watch.  Faux News, the Crappy News Network, etc., are all bought and sold by people in Group #3.   Its about mind manipulation – the people that watch MSNBC are just as manipulated as the people that watch Fox.

It’s not about abortion or pro-life. Its about who gets to control health care decisions, and by extension, where you can live.

It’s not about gun control or 2nd Amendment rights.  Its about ensuring that the US gun-market remains a free place to peddle the tools of war to the world’s trouble-makers.  (I say this as a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, and a collector of Smith & Wesson police issue revolvers).

It’s not about minimum wage hikes.  It’s about chaining Americans to high costs and low wages. (If you’re working 18 hours a day to put food on the table, do you really have a lot of time to see the rich folks slowly taking away your access to health care?)

All Veterans share one very powerful thing in common –  we are among a select few who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in the hopes of advancing our nation’s values.

Let’s not sully or stain that service by giving in to the things that divide us.   The  things that Divide us are the things that will Conquer us.

Let’s instead  find strength in what we have in common. A desire to find a way to heal the wounds of war – physical and mental, spiritual and emotional – and go on to enjoy the short time god gives us on this planet.

If, however, you insist on remaining divided, than let this be your Mantra:  B.O.H.I.C.A.

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