The Attig Law Firm succeeded in obtaining Service-Connection for a Veteran who served in Thailand during the Vietnam War.

The Veteran served as an Air Operations Specialist at multiple Royal Thai Air Bases, including Takhli, Korat, and Nakhon Phanom (NKP).  His job was, in part, to go out on the perimeter of those bases to repair damage to runway lighting along the perimeter.

The Veteran also recalled seeing, on those Thai Air bases, 55 gallon drums of a chemical that nobody wanted to talk about or go near.  (Agent Orange).

The Veteran suffered from PTSD; his stressor events included having to go out to replace lights on the airstrips at night, in the dark, knowing that enemy saboteurs and snipers were watching his every move; he was frequently not provided a firearm while performing these duties.

As a result of his exposure to Agent Orange in Thailand, the Veteran,  had numerous medical conditions develop over the years: diabetes, ischemic heart disease.

The Veteran filed a claim in October 2008 which was originally denied by the VA Regional Office.  The Veteran filed a NOD (Notice of Disagreement), and the Attig Law Firm requested a DRO hearing on behalf of the Veteran.

As a result of the DRO Hearing in October 2011, the Veteran was sent for multiple C&P (Compensation and Pension Exams) at his local VA Medical Center, and was ultimately awarded service connection at the rate of 60% for multiple conditions.

The Firm will continue to represent the Veteran, as he presses forward for service-connection of additional conditions, correct ratings, and correct effective dates. Further, the VA has so far ignored the Veteran’s claim for Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU); the Firm is continuing working with the Veteran on this issue as well.

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