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Put yourself in the shoes of another Veteran – it could very well turn out to be you:  you spend the last of your cash to get to a Decision Review Hearing at the VA – a hearing you’ve waited years to get.

When you get there, the VA employee tells you that she’s sorry, but she won’t listen to your issue today – because you didn’t appeal.  That’s wasted time.  Wasted money.  And no Progress on your VA Claim.

Buy this Case Study and learn one way to deal with a DRO that tells you – wrongly – that your issue is not on appeal in the VA computer system – VACOLS.

You know you appealed, you’re seeing red and your blood pressure is rising — what do you do?

A rant about the VA’s duty won’t get you anywhere – it’ll just make you madder.  Walking out just makes the VA think it won and leaves them in charge of handling your claim.

If you purchase this Case Study, you’ll learn that you can turn this into a positive.  You’ll learn to take a deep breath, relax, take some clear action, and ultimately Take Back the Power in this situation.

Listen, the VA even pulls this stunt with me – a lawyer!    I could have used this Case Study the first time the VA pulled this stunt with me.

Then I realized, I don’t want the  VA walking all over my pro-se brothers and sisters.  So I took some time and studied this Veteran’s experience, and detail it for you in our first Case Study.

When you purchase this Case Study, you will learn how one pro-se Veteran found a way to protect himself when his VA Decision Review Officer pulled this stunt.

I’ll even give you some FREE Bonus Material, too: the full text of 3 major precedential Court cases that you’ll read about in the case study.

If you just want the cases, and don’t want the book, you can download the Bonus Material for FREE here.


The Attig Law Firm will change the way that Veterans experience the VA Claims process.  One of the ways we will do this is by providing More Information and More Power in More Ways to More Veterans.

But it all starts with you.  Tell me what you MOST need to learn about in the VA Claims Process, and I’ll start getting that information ready.   Send your suggestions to and I’ll get them in our information pipeline: we’ll get your information in one of these ways:

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  1. 2ndIDstryker

    thank you truly for what you do, the va wants to drop my 100% ptsd to 70% ,ive been 100% for over 5 yrs, ive lived in disgusting homeless shelters and wont do it again, I havnt filed my NOD yet should I just get a lawyer right away?

    • Chris Attig

      Sir…give Matt Hill a call at….tell him Chris Attig referred you. If he can’t help you, email me at and I’ll get you a couple other attorney names.


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