COMING SOON: VA Military Sexual Trauma Claims Field Manual



Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Victims Have a Hard Time with VA Claims.


In addition to all the difficulties that all Veterans face in any Service-Connection Claims, they have the added need to PROVE that they are credible.

Is this right? No. Is it fair? No.

But the bottom line is that the VA does not have a good understanding of the complexities of claims related to a Military Sexual Trauma.

In this Veterans Law Guidebook, I want to teach you:

* Common injuries and disabilities that result from Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Events.

* VA – and private – Resources available to the Victims of Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

* All about “Corroboration and Markers” – evidence that proves the Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Event occurred.

* Much, Much more.

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