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The Secret to Proving Your VA Claim: 5 Star Evidence.

If there is a “secret” to having a better VA Claims Experience – and hopefully getting a better outcome – it is in the Evidence.

Evidence is – as far as the law is concerned – proof of various facts. It’s not enough to tell the VA that something happened, you have to prove it.

In my experience, half (or more) of Veterans’ claims for service connected disability compensation fail for this reason:

1) The C-File lacked what I call “5 Star Evidence”

2) The Veteran (or Survivor) relied too heavily on either Lay or Medical Evidence – not both.

3) The evidence in the C-File did prove what the Veteran or Survivor thought it did

The VA Claims Field Manual teaches the Solution to those 3 Problems – and More!

I’ve been studying evidence as a lawyer for 11 years – it’s not something you can learn overnight.

This Field Manual will get you started learning the Basics:

* The 2 major types of evidence in a VA Claim.

* What is 5 Stars of Evidence in a VA Claim

* Why Lay Evidence is the “Bullet” and Medical Evidence is the “Rifle”

* My 4 Principles of VA Claims evidence

* The VA Claims Thermometer – how much evidence is enough?

* Lay Evidence Worksheet & Instructions (Symptoms)

* Lay Evidence Worksheet & Instructions (Limitations)

* Sworn Declaration Template & Instructions

Table of Contents for the VA 5-Star Evidence Field Manual eBook.

Preface: Changing the Way Veterans Experience the VA Claim Process.

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Chapter 1: 2 Types of Evidence in a VA Claim

Chapter 2: 4 Key Evidentiary Principles.

Chapter 3: The First 3 Stars: Material, Probative and Relevant Evidence.

Chapter 4: The 4th Star: What is Competent Evidence?

Chapter 5: The 5th Star: What is Credible Evidence?

Chapter 6: Conclusion.

Chapter 7: Appendices

Appendix 1: Lay Evidence – Symptomatology Worksheet

Appendix 2: Lay Evidence – Daily Life Activities Worksheet.

Appendix 3: Sworn Declaration


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