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The VA can reduce your disability compensation any time they want to.

The question you should  ask when you get that proposal to reduce in the mail is can they LAWFULLY reduce your disability compensation?

In most cases, I have found that NO the VA is not going about reducing your benefits in a lawful way.

* Sometimes they are proposing to decrease your benefits because you claimed an increase for another condition.

* Perhaps they are trying to reduce the overall cost to the government and you are caught up in the mess.

* Perhaps some vengeful rater looked at your claim and decided that you shouldn’t be getting that much in compensation as a peace-time Vet.

There are a million reasons why the VA might propose to reduce your VA Benefits.

But there is only ONE lawful reason: the VA must be able to show a material improvement in the limitations and symptoms of your disability.

And it is very RARE that the VA can actually do this.

In this eBook, I will teach you how to mount a defense against an unlawful VA disability compensation reduction proposal.

In this eBook, you will discover:

* When can the VA reduce – and not reduce – your VA disability compensation?

* What process does the VA have to follow to Reduce VA Disability benefits?

* What are the legal elements of a claim to reduce VA Disability compensation?

* What evidence – and h0w much – do you need to fight back against a proposed decrease of VA Disability Benefits.

* How to structure your defense against a proposal to reduce VA disability compensation.

* Factors to consider when looking for representation in a proposed VA disability reduction claim.

* Case studies showing successful – and unsuccessful – Veterans and what they have in common.

* Much more….

This Field Manual is not yet ready for publication – but if you would like me to tell you when it is ready, tell me your name and email, below.


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