Get Back on Track: DRO Case Study #1


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Veterans know how frustrating it can be to finally get a hearing before  a Decision Review Officer.  Often, you’ve waited over 2 years for a DRO Hearing!

You know the issues on appeal because you’ve been studying your case almost every day.  You get to the hearing, and – like the Veteran in this case study – hear the dreaded words:

“I’m sorry, but your claim for service-connection of X is not listed in VACOLS, so I can’t talk to you about it.”

In this case study, the Veteran got to his DRO hearing and was told that his Major Issue – Ischemic Heart Disease resulting from exposure to Agent Orange on the Korean DMZ – was not on appeal.

I’ve prepared a Case Study to show you  how one Veteran dealt with this scenario.

DO NOT buy this case study if:

You have not yet received a Ratings Decision on your claim (unless you are anticipating getting denied and want to prepare early)
You are preparing for your BVA Hearing – the DRO and BVA Hearing are TOTALLY different hearings.
Your case is at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

You might benefit from this case study if:

Your DRO Hearing is scheduled, and want to be ready for unexpected developments.

You want to argue that a claim the VA denied is an “inferred claim”

The VA is arguing that a claim for a particular medical condition has been “deemed denied”

You want to learn some techniques to protect yourself – and preserve the record of your arguments – at any DRO Hearing.

What You Can Learn:

Why the DRO said the Veteran’s issue wasn’t on appeal?
How the Veteran responded.
What the Veteran did at the DRO Hearing to “Take Back the Power” in his claim.
How he followed up after the hearing to ensure he “Kept the Power”.
3 Key Takeaway Points for any Veteran at a DRO Hearing.


Full text of 3 precedential decisions from the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) that speak directly about “deemed denials” and “inferred claims”.


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