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every veterans law blog training guide
every veterans law blog training guide

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The “Get it ALL Now Bundle”

Buy All Package (White)

3 Reasons this Package is Our BEST Value: 

  • You're Going to Get EVERYTHING we publish: all our videos, training guides, field manuals and ebooks

  • You can do it in a single - secure - purchase

  • You're Going to Save a chunk of money

Here’s What You Get in a Single Secure Purchase:

  • 9 Field Manuals (Downloadable eBooks you can use on all your devices)
  • 3 Training Videos (over 4.5 hours of streaming video)
  • Access to the VA Claims Basic Training Video Course (Estimated 2-4 Hour Video Training...a $129 be released in Fall 2016)
  • Access to the "How to Get & Use Your VA C-File  Video Course (3 Hours of Video Training plus 14 forms...a $125 Value.)


  • 50% coupon on an Annual Premium Membership on the Veterans Law Blog

You Save $159 by Getting it All NOW:

  • Save 30% off the cost of buying all the books and videos separately

  • $50 off the cost of a Premium Annual Subscription to the Veterans Law Blog ($50 Savings)

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va sleep apnea#1: VA Sleep Apnea Field Manual

In over 165 pages of information, I will teach

* How to Prove Sleep Apnea Claims using my “4 Pillars Method”

* Common Veteran Errors in Veterans VA Sleep Apnea Appeals and Claims

* How to Put it All Together – the 5 Most Common Service-Connection Scenarios.

VA Service Connection Field Manual#2: Service Connection Field Manual:

Many Veterans don’t know all 5 Paths – and fewer know how to assert more than one legal theory of Service Connection in their VA Claim.

This Veterans Law Guide explains all 5 Paths to Service Connection, so that you can better understand which might apply to your claim.

VA Claims Process field manual#3: VA  Claims Process Field Manual:

Begin to understand that the VA Claims Process is a ladder – not a Hamster Wheel.

This Veterans Law Guide will help you “choose your battlefield” in the 3 major stages of the VA Claim and Appeal.

10 Veterans Court Cases Every Veteran Could Know#4: 10 Veterans Court Cases Every Veteran Should Know.

Veterans Court Cases are more than just boring statements of law and legalese: they teach us how to prove and win our claims.

This Veterans Law Guidebook teaches the 10 Cases that Every Veteran Should Know.

#5: VA Claims Evidence Field Manual (The Secret to Proving Your VA Claim).

You can’t win your VA Claim or Appeal without evidence.

And my experience is that the Veterans that submit a certain type of evidence get their VA decisions more quickly.

I will teach my method of using 5-Star Lay and Medical Evidence to prove a VA Claim or Appeal – and share my unique Lay Evidence Worksheets and Sworn Declaration forms.

va claims process#6: 5 Reasons that the VA Keeps Screwing Up Your Claim

In the 7 years, I’ve looked at HUNDREDS — if not THOUSANDS — of C-Files in cases that the VA has denied a Veterans benefits.

There are patterns showing why the VA Keeps screwing up your VA Claims!

Here are 5 ways to break those patterns the VA isn’t going to share!

How to Choose VA Claims Attorney#7: How to Choose a VA Claims Attorney

I see it all the time – a Veteran gets in over their head in their VA Benefits claim, and then scrambles to find an attorney. Often, they make a choice that may not be ideal for their claim.

I teach Veterans 8 Things they should know before hiring an attorney in a VA Benefits Claims.  Included is a 30-question checklist to use when  interviewing attorneys.

TDIU_EBookCover#8: TDIU Field Manual

Rather than overwhelm you with lawyer-talk, legalese, and convoluted analysis, this eBook presents the core information that a Veteran filing for TDIU  needs to know.

This eBook will help you understand the process, law and strategy of the average TDIU claim – written in plain English.

VA DRO Hearing Case Study#9: DRO Case Study

In this case study, the Veteran got to his DRO hearing and was told that his Major Issue – Ischemic Heart Disease resulting from exposure to Agent Orange on the Korean DMZ – was not on appeal.

This Case Study is a helpful look into how the DRO Process can help you achieve a positive outcome.

#10: Sworn Declaration

If you are going to submit lay evidence, wouldn’t you rather the VA give it full legal weight?    Of course you would.

Use a Sworn Declaration form that my law firm uses to add lay evidence to the Veteran’s appeal….the sworn declaration – according to 28 USC § 1746 – carries the same legal weight as a notarized affidavit.


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How to Get and Use your VA C-file#1: How to Get & Use Your VA C-file! (3 hr Streaming Video, with 14 downloads!)

This 3 hour video, broken into 10 easy-to-follow lessons, teaches you what your c-file is, where the VA keeps it, why you need to get a copy, how to get it, how to organize it, and how to USE the C-file to Take Back the Power in your VA Claim, including:


* INCLUDES My never-before-released C-File Review Template form and instructions (just like the one I use on every C-File at my law firm)


How to File a VA Claim#2: How to File a VA Claim

This may be the most information anyone has ever put together in a single tool on this topic.  With the purchase of this video, you will receive:

* 54 Minute Video giving Step-by-Step Training

* 57 Page Workbook with over a dozen forms, templates, worksheets, & checklists

* My ONE-OF-A-KIND VA Claims Map

* Much More.

#3: Get to the Point! (Streaming Video)

This 25 minute video gives you MY 5-step method to persuasive writing.  I use it in all of my cases, and for all of my clients. I’ll teach you

* How to Make your VA Claims Arguments MORE Persuasive.

* How to give the VA written documents that are more clear, concise

* How to use your writing to MAKE the VA want to issue a decision in your Claim.

* How to outline your writing, the facts you should add to support your argument

* How to Tell the VA exactly what You Want.

* PLUS – 7 Tips for Editing your writing that will fix 80% of the problems in your VA Claims arguments.

* This package Includes a 50% coupon to your first year Annual Membership on the Veterans Law Blog (a $50 value)



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