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Here is a Question I get asked ALL the time….Carl C sent in this question to the Veterans Law Blog Mail Call:

“I filed my request and received my C-file. The pages were not numbered or stamped from VA and [there were] a lot of documents I did not recognize. What do I do?”

Carl – I’m going to teach you what my law firm does when we receive a C-File – shorthand for the VA Claims File.

Carl is right – VA C-Files are a MESS!

Every time I see a C-File, I shake my head.

How the heck anyone can figure out what is going on in these claims is beyond me!

The average C-File ranges in size 350-1,500 pages. (Although I saw one C-File that had 75 pages, and another that had close to 10,000 pages – it was in 6 Volumes and took me a month just to organize).

The documents in the C-File are in no particular order.

The VBA will tell you that they are in a logical order, and I’ve had a couple raters and DROs try to explain it to me.  God love ’em, they are trying, but their explanations left me scratching my head.

There is one VA Regional Office – I’m not going to say which one because we are really trying to work with this office to fix their system – that I SWEAR shuffles the stack of papers before they send them to us.


The Veteran has to re-organize their copy of the C-File to have it make sense.

The whole point of getting your C-File is to see why the VA is screwing up your claim.   I want to teach you how to organize your C-File in such a way that you can “see” your case from the VAs perspective.

By seeing your VA Claim from the VAs perspective, you will automatically find out what evidence – or argument – is causing the VA to screw up your claim.

So how do you do this?

I’ve gone ahead and updated the eBook “How to Get Your VA C-File” to include 2 NEW documents:

1) The 3-Step Process that my Law Firm uses to sort and organize every C-File that we receive when considering representation for a Veteran in their VA Claim or Appeal

2) A 1-page “C-File Summary Worksheet”.  Fill out this worksheet using ONLY the documents that are in the C-File.  When you are done, you will have a road-map of how the VA sees your claim.


In a football game, if you can see the game from the other team’s perspective, you have an enhanced ability to beat that team.

So – get your C-File, and use the 2 new documents  in the  C-File eBook to help you organize your VA C-File.


 Now, this is a general process – meant to help the most possible Veterans.

Since every VA Claim is unique, 10-15% of you out there will run into a document or item in your C-File that is not addressed in my “3-Step Organizational Process” or the “C-File Summary Sheet”.

If this happens to you, and you have a question, submit it to me through Mail Call – I will do my best to answer the questions…either directly by email to you or in a future blog post.

(Be Patient, though…Mail Call Submissions take a “back-seat” to helping my current clients and doing the work of our law firm…it takes time, but I do try to respond to as many Mail Call submissions as I can). 

Read what THIS Veteran said about the C-File eBook:

The C-File is the MOST important document in your VA Claim.  Why?  It has information in it that you will find nowhere else – and that I believe the VA does not want you to see.

How do I know they don’t want you to see it?  They make it really hard to get a copy.  Here are a few ways that you can try to get a copy of your VA Claims File – also known as a C-File.

Or, you can get a copy of my eBook: Take Back the Power: How to Get a Copy of your VA C-File.

Here’s what one Veteran recently told me about this eBook:

“I already purchased [your C-File eBook] and … the results were incredible.

I am still dumbfounded.

I sent a letter to get copies of my C&P exams using the format in your book and within twenty days I had the copies! I sent in a request for copies of my C&P exams in September 2013 and had not heard anything!!!  

I purchased your eBook in March 2014, sent the letter and by April 10th I had the copies. I can say that if I had not used the example letters in your book it would have probably taken another year before I would have received them.

Thanks for great books, I have purchased 3 total and am waiting on [more].”

— Gregory M. 

Would you do me a favor?

 Tell me what you need the MOST help to understand the VA Claims Process. 

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