The more C-Files I review for possible representation, the more I realize how important it is to choose the correct representative for your VA Claim.

I have released a FREE eBook that will work through what I think every Veteran should know before hiring an attorney for their VA Benefits Claim.

What is in this FREE eBook?

You will learn 8 things I think are important to consider before hiring an attorney in your VA Claim, including:

* What professional credentials to consider.

* Why an attorney’s success rate is the LEAST important question a Veteran should ask.

* How an attorney’s case volume and experience may affect you.

* How to determine whether the attorney and firm is a good fit for you.

* What a law firm’s  Internet presence might say about the Firm

BONUS Material.

In addition, I’m adding in some BONUS material that you won’t find on this website:

* 4 “TIPS” that will serve as an “anchor” for you as you begin your search for an attorney.

* My popular Checklist of 25 questions to consider asking an attorney before you hire them!

These are questions that I wish every Veteran would ask me before the hire me.  They are designed to help you figure out if the attorney you are talking to is someone you want to hire.

This isn’t going to be an eBook you save, read once, and forget about.

As I add questions to my list, or chapters to the book, I will send you a FREE update of the eBook by email.

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